The world has witnessed that Huawei has maintained the firmness in the market in competition with Samsung and Apple, and has a classy clutch on the world of mobile phone deals.

Now, the world is looking forward to the next competitor in the market to come up and change the represented perspective. The company, which dares to stand in front of huge brands of mobile phone dealing world, is OPPO that is winning the spot on the UK phone stage.

OPPO’s Phone Launch in the UK

OPPO is a popular and abiding manufacturer of electronics and a mobile communications company based in China. OPPO is known for its smartphones especially the camera phones, enjoyed by young people around the world. Now, OPPO is starting its product selling in the UK.

OPPO has announced its phone launch in January in the UK and offered its SIM-free device “Find X”. Then it became available on Carphone Warehouse’s network in February. And now, the phone is available to buy on contract, and you can compare mobile phone deals online.

OPPO Is A Big Shot

According to the statistics of IDC, OPPO stands in front of three big brands proving itself as the fourth biggest mobile manufacturer, following Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. OPPO was founded in 2004, and it struggled to get the position to stand with some named companies of the mobile phone world.

OPPO has a record of selling 29.2 million mobile phones worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2018. It showed a growth of 6.8 per cent per year. It is comparatively good from Huawei’s 60.5 million, in the third place in the mobile world.

OPPO has very much established itself in European key countries like France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherland. Because of this, launch in the UK does not seem that much surprising to the world. The world was eagerly waiting for the competitor to enter the world of mobile phones deals and excited enough to see OPPO in the market.

More or less 150 people attended the launch event of OPPO, and they were, about all, the members of the press. In the event, Terence Tan, OPPO executive director of sales for the UK, recommended the vendor has been planning the launch for some time.

In the same event, tan announced that OPPO is partnering with Carphone Warehouse, the retail giant, as its selling agent to trade, the phones by the retailer in the UK based on prepaid in the beginning.

Deal with Carphone

Carphone Warehouse Ltd. is a mobile phone retailer based in British. It has more than 2400 retail stores all over Europe. Carphone has its trade spread in the United Kingdom and Ireland and has phone house in other places as well.

OPPO has announced its partnership with Carphone Warehouse. The phones are available on online stores, and the contracts are available to compare online that allows the user to have the best deal without surfing a lot.

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