Sometimes we come across devices that are either lost or misplaced and being Good Samaritans, we try our best to return the device to its rightful owner. Often due to lack of information and the device’s security methods, we tend to give up after some efforts. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Apple designs its devices to adapt to nearly any situation. Therefore, knowing ways to find relevant information about the device owner from an apple device could prove invaluable at times.

Siri to the Rescue

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Siri comes loaded with features that not only ease a user’s experience but also helps him prevent unwanted access and losses. Still the virtual assistant proves extremely beneficial to people who might end up with someone else’s device. With the right commands, the user can get all relevant information about the owner or even call common contacts that may have been preset in the device.

If the Device Is Locked

If the device you found is locked then finding the relevant information gets a bit challenging. You can always try the basic commands like “Whose Phone Is This” or “Who owns this phone” to display detailed information of the owner. You can find the owners phone number, address, alternate numbers and other stored information which you can use to return the device to its owner. Remember to ask the exact phrase above because if you utter “iPhone” accidentally instead of “phone” such as “Who owns this iPhone”, Siri will redirect to Apple’s website.

If you don’t find enough information on the screen, or have failed to locate the owner with the available information, you can experiment with basic commands commonly used to call or text relatives. You can say “Call Dad”, “Call Home”, “Call Mom” or even “Call my wife” if the real user has enabled relationships. If the user has specifically disabled locked phone calling feature then the basic commands won’t work. In this case you will have to track down the owner through the device’s IMEI number or keep the device charged and ready for any incoming calls.

Sometimes users tend to store emergency contact information on the lock screen of their device to ease the finding. If you ever get hold of such an iPhone, you can directly use the information without bothering Siri. Moreover, if Siri is disabled on the device, the only option you have is to track down the user through the IMEI number.

Make sure that you retrieve all necessary information and contact the owner as soon as possible. if the owner activates the lost mode from the cloud panel, the device would get permanently locked up and all contacts and information would automatically get deleted. You will have to run to the authorities and Apple service stores to identify the user through his IMEI number.

If the Device Is Unlocked

An unlocked device has all information about the user. Opening the contacts app would itself get you all important information about ways to reach the original user. You can call any of the numbers listed in the contacts app, preferably in the call log to reach people who know the device owner.

Final Thoughts

Siri is considered the most advanced virtual assistant yet to be embedded on a handheld device. Therefore with proper usage, anyone can easily get all relevant information about the device owner. If the owner has locked the device, Siri would no longer respond to any questions or even show user information. Some users also store alternative contact information as a lock wallpaper.

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