You have probably all heard someone say “it is cheaper to just get a new one than have it repaired” when something breaks down or is damaged. Thanks to the disposable culture that has developed over recent years, in many cases this is actually true. Sometimes it really does cost just as much to have something repaired as it would buy it new. A lot of people have found that this is especially true when it comes to their smartphones. However, there appears to be a new generation of technology repair companies that have sprung up to help the masses who have cracked screens and other tech-related ailments. Even so, most of us are still worried that we will break the bank as well as our iPhone on the road to recovery.

So are iPhone repairs worthwhile? The answer may actually surprise you but for most of us iPhone repairs are now viable and will make for a swift recovery!

The popularity of the iPhone has caused repair companies to become much more competitive with their pricing and made these services much more accessible. The level of customer service at these sorts of companies has also greatly improved thanks to the increased competition they face. There is now almost treble the amount of iPhone repair companies out there than there were two years ago!

Aside from cost, there is also the matter of convenience. Previously you would have to go to a local repair shop or your network provider and wait weeks and weeks for any kind of repair to be done. Now however you will find that you can arrange your repair via the internet and you will have your iPhone back as good as new within just a few days. The internet has helped to reduce the overheads that many traditional repair companies were faced with. This saving has been passed on to the customer as the company can now offer their Apple iPhone repairs at affordable prices.

Now, if you have a new iPhone XS then repairs need not apply to you in cases because you will have your Apple 12 month warranty, which covers hardware faults not caused by water damage. If you have an iPhone 6 from 2014 however, and your smartphone is not insured, then iPhone repairs may very well be for you if you aren’t looking to upgrade anytime soon.

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