Renovating your home can turn out to be a great decision that increases its value while making it look a lot better at the same time. This could turn into a major job, but how can you now make it easier by using the best mobile solutions available?

Look at a Digital Mock-Up

The first step towards a great renovation process comes with visualising what it should look like, which can also prove to be one of the most difficult stages. This was traditionally done through buying sampler pots of paint or going to a shop or show home to see the decoration you want in place.

However, you can now look at home decoration apps that use virtual reality to let you get a feel for the end design. You can change the colours of the walls, add furniture and switch things around until you see a design that you love. Some of the best apps even let you quickly turn a 2D photo of a room into a 3D presentation you can work with.

Sort Out the Finances

There are also some useful mobile options when you come to sorting out the financial side of the work. For example, you might like to get started by downloading a good budgeting app like Emma, Yolt or Money Dashboard. It is easy to find an app that uses artificial intelligence and open banking to assess your overall finances and give you suggestions that could help you create a plan to pay for the work.

Some studies show that around a third of homeowners expect to remortgage to afford their renovations. In this case, quick mortgage advice can be found online from the likes of Trussle. Use any type of device to enter your basic details and then see what offers and interest rates you get back from lenders such as Halifax and HSBC. The eligibility details confirm the loan to value rate you need to meet in each case.

Find the Materials or the Experts You Need

At this point, you will need to work out whether to carry out your dream renovation on a DIY basis or by hiring some experts to do it. Over 60% of homeowners in 2020 confirmed that they had started some kind of home improvement project, but whether you go it alone or not, you can find some help on your smartphone.

For DIY fans, the big home improvement stores like B&Q and Homebase all have mobile apps or let you search online using your mobile browser. Some of them have extensive clearance sales and ideas sections that could inspire you. If you want to hire someone to do the work, you can find any type of tradesperson and carry out the full quotation and hiring process on a mobile basis.

There is now nothing to stop you from carrying out the home renovation process online, giving you a far easier and smoother way of getting the home of your dreams sorted out in a highly convenient way.

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