How can we underestimate and efficiency of WordPress (WP)? After all, it boasts guides, e-books, video blogs, online stores, and more. Being one of the fastest and simple ways to make a fully functional website, this stellar platform continues to conquer our hearts all over the world, proving especially powerful for small businesses.

Despite CMS’s popularity, it can still be challenging to hire a WordPress expert. Being kinda alien territory, the website development market can scare by its suspense and diversity. But, before you get upset about it, check out our step-by-step guide that will help you break the back of the beast.

Reasons to Hire a WordPress Developer

Have you already considered working with WP professionals, but still have doubts whether they will suit your needs? Let us suggest just a few motives for why hiring a WordPress specialist might solve your website woes.

Qualified assistance in migration

WordPress development of an e-commerce project has many advantages( e.g. mobile-friendly UX, intuitive UI, customized design, easy blog management, and more). If you’ve come to a decision to migrate to WP, you definitely WordPress developers for hire. They draw up a robust migration plan including all possible development problems. Working with pros will make difficult things much easier.

Custom decisions

It’s definitely a smart decision to use existing templates to create a compliant business site and plugins for advanced database management, but it has some limitations. Web development specialists help you step outline. If it is needed, WordPress developers are able to rewrite code and make it clear. Being web development Jedi Masters, they can launch a user-friendly website integrated with selected beneficial plugins and incredible customized design.


WordPress Foundation releases constant updates of their CMS. Thus, all implementations and configurations are made according to the latest trends. What is your benefit out of this? Updated versions usually give more security, improved code, maintenance, fixed bugs, etc. It means you can rest assured that WP professionals will make your site the best one.

Fluency in the right language

Work with WordPress CMS at full capacity requires the knowledge of many development languages  HTML, MYSQL, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The search of a developer with these skill sets is the right step to the WP site you desire.

Content and SEO

Being masters not only in design and development, WordPress experts also offer crucial to your e-commerce website SEO solutions in their packaging. They are able to renegotiate the code or integrate necessary SEO extensions, optimizing every inch of your site.

Technical support

Some entrepreneurs may concern that they lack the necessary technical expertise to maintain their e-commerce website. Even if you experience the same, don’t worry. Developers are skilled enough to work out minor and major kinks at your site and render all the assistance you need. Besides, they can teach you how to manage the website further.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional WordPress Developer

No one can argue the fact that you can create an e-commerce website using off-the-shelf solutions. The expenses are low and the implementation is as fast as possible. However, unfortunately using these solutions usually means it is impossible to debug development problem moments, add unique landing pages to your future website, make crucial code changes, and more.

In the case when web development isn’t your forte, one possibility is to employ WordPress developers. Let’s consider the profit of making this business decision:


Depending on the requirements you have, budget, and size of your project, you can employ full-time engineers or part-time, and in-house developers or a contracted team. What is more, you choose the most comfortable for your payment way.

Qualified work within less time

Due to WP simple usage and high-quality, your project will be launched in no time. WordPress developers build personalized, easy-to-navigate websites, with positive UX.

Knowledgeable team

It may happen that your team lacks required experience when you need to launch a complex website or fix some issues in an existing one. However, by knowing the CMS from A to Z, a WP master can help your team create the site you dream about.

Lower cost

WordPress development is cost-effective in comparison with other CMS development. Moreover, if you hire an outsourcing digital agency, you might be even more pleasantly surprised by the price.

Creative solutions

Having a unique website builds credibility and attracts users. Through improvements in code or design, integration of essential plugins & extensions, and other customized solutions, developers can make your site stand out in the blur of many others. And thanks to their seasoned expertise, they’ll be able to make exactly what you need.

How and Where to Hire WordPress Developers 

Above we’ve considered benefits you get cooperating with a WP expert. Now we’re going to look through some useful tips on how to find and take on WordPress developers.

List your needs

The first step is to draw the whole business image of your site with all demands. Blogs and business projects meet different requirements. Unlike bloggers, an entrepreneur needs e-commerce marketing tools, product pages, inventory extensions, secure transactions, reliable backups, and other useful e-commerce elements. 

Type and size of the team

The second step is to define the size and type of team.

  • Employment of a single developer and possibly even a designer is the right solution for small projects or and for little modifications to the site.
  • A contracted team helps if your website requires long-term support and constant updates or you want to launch a big project.

Tips on how to find WordPress developers

The next step is to carefully look at sources where you can find and take on WP professionals. You can look via a search engine for companies (recruiting companies, digital agencies, outsourcing companies or Linkedin) that provide these services. Another option is to seek developers through freelance platforms. We’ve prepared a short list of sources for you to help you save time and money:

  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Stack OverFlow 

If you have the time, we suggest two astute resources designed to connect professionals with each other: Sitepoint and WordPress Support. While developers share their experience and provide assistance with difficult issues, you can sign up, peruse the topics, post about your challenge, and find assistance and support.


The fastest way to figure out the depth of a developer’s expertise is to look at their portfolio. It saves your time, plus, you can examine their work as a user. It’s definitely worthwhile to pay attention to works that may have some imperfections, but are still masterpieces because creativity can’t simply be manufactured. 

Questions to ask

The next step after analyzing the portfolio is to interview chosen candidates to determine which developer has the necessary experience. It’s good to consider covering these 10-15 must-ask questions, per the list, we’ve prepared for you:

Wrapping up 

Bearing in mind all the benefits we have discussed above and advice at hand, the hiring process should be smooth and operate without a hitch! Choose the hiring route that makes the most sense for your business circumstance, and you’ll surely succeed.

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