Google has become a household name with us turning to this tech giant for the smallest of our queries. The general belief is that this is a search engine with a few other peripherals added. However, we couldn’t be more wrong here; Google is mainly an advertisement selling company. This tech giant has made billions through targeted advertising to its users.
Ever wondered how the company comes up with ads that suit our requirements to a ‘T’. That is so because Google knows all there is to know about us. It knows our likes and dislikes, the things we believe in and even places we visit. The level of intrusion into our private lives by Google is shown very clearly in this short infographic. The information provided here is scary to say the least; here is a third party that knows where we live, our favorite hangouts, our planned vacations and more. However, the good news is that we can do something to ensure that Google is not privy to all our secrets.
While stopping the use of Gmail or Google Chrome might seem like the end of the world for the current digitally addicted generation. This is a sure way of ensuring that are private lives remain just that, private and secure.

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