The Tech Restarter is simple device designed to solve a nagging problem.

When you’re troubleshooting any device — your modem, router, cable box, printer, etc — what’s the first thing you do? You turn it off, then turn it back on, of course. How many times have you had to do that? I’m guessing the answer is: alot.

Well, this clever little gadget from FRESHeTECH makes this a thing of the past. The Tech Restarter is like an alarm clock for your electronics. You program the time you want your devices to turn off, and when you want them to turn back on again.

Set it, and forget it! Your gadgets will be rebooted every night while you sleep. So that when you wake up in the morning, they are ready and running at optimal performance.

I tested a sample version of the Tech Restarter Model 1.0 over the weekend, hooking it up to my high speed modem and router. The device is simply a rectangular block, a few inches long. It looks just like a tiny blue alarm clock. It plugs directly into your wall socket, and it has two 110V plugs for your electronics, one on either side. It’s small enough to be hidden away out of sight, but sleek enough that I don’t mind leaving it out in the open.

It was super intuitive and easy to use. Anyone who has ever used an old school digital alarm clock (you know, back before smart phones) will recognize the interface. I set the timer to turn off shortly after I go to bed, and turn on shortly before I wake.

Sure enough, when I woke up in the night for a glass of water, those bright blue flashing lights were off — so the device definitely works as it should.

Did I notice any improvement in my internet speed or performance? Honestly, not really. I haven’t had any problems, and no need to reboot — but it was already working fine, before. Time will tell whether the Tech Restarter is worth the price ($39.99 as of this writing). If I never have to manually reboot my modem again, I’ll be a happy man! It’s only been a few days, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my days of poor connection and lost signal are behind me.

I will continue to use the Restarter, not only for the good of my electronics, but also for the good of the Earth. I like knowing that those devices are off when not in use, instead of being on all night, wasting energy. Shaves a little off my electric bill, and my carbon footprint.

It might not be much, but every bit counts.

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