There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold, refreshing beer. But there’s one problem: when the temperature is scorching, and the sun is beating down without mercy, it can be nearly impossible to keep your beer cold.

Sure, you can try one of those cheap foam coozies that you see everywhere… but it won’t make much of a difference. Leave your beer unattended for any length of time, and it’ll be warm and flat before you know it.

Thankfully, the folks over at Bottle Keeper have found a better way.

The Bottle Keeper is like a thermos for your beer. It has a neoprene lining beneath it’s sleek stainless steel exterior, for solid insulation. The lining also serves as a protective cushion, in case of drops and spills.

And the best part is: the cap seals your bottle, keeping it fresh as well as cold.

The Bottle Keeper comes in 3 sizes: the standard 12 oz, the “Stubby” 12 oz (for shorter, fatter bottles) and the 22 oz “Bomber” — for more serious drinking. They also come in several different colors, and can be customized with decals from your favorite sports teams, or even a bottle opener that clips to the cap.

Regardless of the size, they all work the same way. The bottom comes off by simply unscrewing it, then screws back on after you’ve slid your bottle into the Keeper. The cap is designed to accommodate bottles of different heights — it will screw all the way down on some shorter bottles, only part way on taller brews. That’s intentional. Even if the lid doesn’t go all the way down, it will still seal the bottle inside.

This has been one of the most enjoyable product reviews I’ve ever done. The perfect excuse (as if I need one) to go outside and sip on a nice, hoppy IPA. Or a rich, complex Belgian Ale. Or both. (“No, really honey — it’s research!”)

I tested the standard 12 oz Keeper with several different craft beers, which varied quite a bit in height. They all fit just fine. I left it sitting on the porch, in the sun, while I mowed my lawn. I came to check on it 30 – 45 minutes later, it was still delightfully chilly. And the cap kept the bugs out, too. Bonus!

All in all, the Bottle Keeper does everything you want it to do, better than any other coozie or insulator I’ve ever used. I wouldn’t use it all the time — loading and unloading the Keeper is too much of a hassle if you’re drinking indoors where it’s cool, for instance. Or if (like me) you can easily guzzle down a beer before the sun even has a chance to melt the little chips of ice that cling to the sides of the bottle.

But on those occasions when you need to leave your beer sitting for awhile — at the beach, playing sports, doing yard work, etc. — this baby comes in really handy. You can walk away from your beverage knowing that it will still be cold and fresh when you return.

Now the real question: is it worth the $22 price tag? Well, that depends on you and your drinking habits. As an avid gardener, landscaper, and all around outdoorsman, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it. But if you don’t do much drinking outside, then you’ll probably be able to survive just fine without it.

P.S. If you do decide to try it out, check out their rewards program. If you create an account, you can earn credit for a free Bottle Keeper every time you refer a friend.

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