Want to make an explainer video for startup? You’ll need a combination of marketing, art direction, and a logical story. Also, the whole concept must be in line with the 2021 trend. You need to work under the motto: short, clear and vivid.

Video is a full-fledged business tool.

Choose only a highly specialized video production company to work on the concept. The development company should specialize specifically in the business video genre. This allows you to focus and develop unique practices in the field of corporate products: advertising, presentation, image and training products.

What kind of business videos are there?

Most often clients need documentaries and presentation films. For important negotiations or to present on the Internet, it is necessary to prepare a presentation of the company, to tell about its history, advantages and innovations. If possible, it is desirable to use aerial and time-lapse video. Use 2D/3D graphics to explain the technological features and business processes. All this will show the company’s serious approach to entering the market.

The most common types of videos are as follows:

  • Promotional;
  • Promo;
  • Corporate.

Moreover, if the first two types are intended for the company’s clients, then the last type is needed for training employees or reporting to partners.

Who are Explainer Videos For?

Let’s say you have a product and you want to present it. If you have entered a wide, competitive market, and your goal is to tell about yourself as many consumers as possible, rather than snag a couple or three large suppliers, then feel free to order an animated presentation video. It consists of visual images, text and sounds that will provide easy perception and memorization of information. Therefore, in this case, an animated presentation video is a great solution.

People choose an understandable product. To explain how to use the Internet – a resource, software, or some device, there is no better tool than an animated educational video (screen cast). The person perceives better the visualized, sounded step-by-step instructions. With a high probability, the consumer will become a regular customer, if he decides that your product for him understandable and convenient.

Rafic commercials (15-40 seconds) are based on a specific storyline. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and realize the most daring ideas. There are categories of people who perceive animated images better. For example, children who see the video, will ask their daddy to buy them your toy.

If you need a graphic design for the broadcast, you need to ask for broadcast design. This will help you accentuate the information and help you get the right perception.

If you want to tell about complicated technological process, to demonstrate productive capacity, to show how business processes are organized, in general, in the situation when you have something to brag about and you don’t want to miss anything, a corporate film is perfect. A corporate film can be shown at exhibitions, presentations and events where people are interested in getting information and are willing to spend about 5-7 minutes watching it.

If your potential customers are not directly interested in your product and save their time, the best option is a presentation video. This is a kind of digest of 1-2 minutes, including all the best things about your company.

You want to stand out from the competition, to demonstrate the human side of the brand, to bring company values, then you need image commercial. In a situation where you don’t have significant technical advantages over your competitors, you have to influence the emotional perception.

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