If you want to make your career as a nurse, then you have to crack TEAS test mandatorily. Don’t lose your confidence ever by realizing the toughness of this particular exam. Rather you need to start researching about this exam so that you can know about its ins and outs. A solid preparation strategy and its proper implementation will help to reach your goal. But, before making your strategy, you have to know about the exam in detail.

What is TEAS test?

‘TEAS’ stands for ‘Test of Essential Academic Skills.’ It is a prominent standardized exam that is predominantly used to analyze the readiness of admission of a candidate in the domain of healthcare. TEAS test is mandatory for entering into Nursing Schools.

Many students wonder whether it is a tough exam or not. However, the fact is that the difficulty level of this particular exam is dependent on the respective candidate because if you don’t have prepared well, then you can’t expect to get a good score. On the other hand, with a good preparation, the chances of achieving a decent score will be increased.

Who should sit for TEAS test?

If you are enthusiastic in aspiring a nursing career and capable of completing the course from a recognized nursing school without experiencing failure, then you should appear for TEAS test. The top-notch nursing schools offer high-class education to those candidates, who are capable of succeeding. By taking this test, the candidates can easily assess their strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement and refinement on their own before enrolling in a nursing school.

The Format of TEAS test

The best part of TEAS test is its format that has similarities with other standardized exams that you have already taken in your life. That means you will be less likely to fall into a tricky situation. As per ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute), TEAS exam comprises of total 170 MCQs sprawling some different subjects that you have to answer within 209 minutes.

Another worth-considering point about this exam is the exam material doesn’t include any subject or concept that you haven’t learned in your middle as well as high school curriculum. Don’t forget that the prime objective of this test is to analyze your preparation strategy for the courses of entry-level nursing school. You will not face highly complicated or tricky questions in TEAS test.

Each question of TEAS test can be further divided into four categories, such as Reading, English and Language Usage, Mathematics, and Science. The number of questions belonged to this test will be the same. You might get a bit more or less time to complete some particular sections. You will find ‘English and Language Usage’ section of TEAS test somewhat similar to that of the Writing sections that you are already familiar with by other standardized tests. As a nurse, you will have to communicate with different types of patients, co-workers, and higher authorities on a regular basis. For fluent communication, you have to make a firm grip over the basics that require the techniques how you can write as well as design your ideas in a coherent manner. It will make you more efficient in realizing how to give a response to different types of situations in a better way.

Each of the questions belonged to the English and Language Usage section is associated with three categories, including Knowledge of Language, Vocabulary Acquisition, and Conventions of Standard English. That means you have to prepare separately for these separate sections.

In case you want a break in the middle of the test, then you have to up your hand to take permission. However, the elapsed time is going to be counted against the test time. Hence, it is recommended that you should not take a break (s) other than that 10-minute break that you will get following the completion of the Mathematics segment.

If Mathematics seems a nightmare for you, then you have no other way but remove this fear from your mind by taking a proper preparation and devoting yourself to more and more practice tests. The mathematics test section of TEAS testanalyzes the capability of a candidate in using algebra, measuring, interpreting data, and performing several mathematical operations through the utilization of numbers.

The students, who don’t have a clear understanding of science subjects, can find the science segment of TEAS Practice Sample test the most difficult one. The main goal of this segment is to assess the knowledge of a candidate in the domain of scientific reasoning, the human body, the earth and physical science, and life science. The basics of these above segments should be crystal clear otherwise your score will get lowered.

Important Documents for TEAS test

Here is the checklist of vital documents you need to have:

  • A valid photo ID (Government-issued or your driver’s license);
  • Copy of ATI email confirmation;
  • Other required things will be provided to you in times of the exam itself.

Some Important Preparation Tips

If you have a good preparation, then you can crack any exam- how much difficult it may be.

If you are quite sincere to make a career in the field of nursing, then TEAS test will bean important exam for you, and that’s why you should not take this test lightly. In order to pass TEAS in the very first attempt, it is recommended to en roll in a good online course. Suchcourses are customized and focused towards TEAS exam, and thus you don’t need toinvest time in searching the study materials.

The fundamental of every segment should be very clear because the questions will be asked from the segments that you have studied earlier. For English and reading sections, review the grammar and punctuation rules properly.

In short, you need to brush up your old concepts; however, if you have not detached from your learning, then it will be further easier for you. Be confident and hope for the best.

Charles Bell, 26, based in Dyer, Indiana, is a student at Purdue University Calumet where he has received multiple academic honors. He is currently studying Information Systems and Computer Programming...

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