Running a business is not easy. Whether it is a small scale start-up or a successful enterprise, growth is one thing that needs to be in the continuum. Leaders must keep experimenting with new ways to boost their organization’s productivity. While everything else keeps changing, the need to serve customers remains the same.

0345 phone numbers are non-geographic numbers and used by a majority of business organizations. Unlike the traditional wired phone numbers, these are not confined to a location. They are both phone-friendly and customer-friendly giving them the ease to connect without worrying about heavy call rates.

What’s fascinating about the 0345 numbers is the fact that they have standard call rates. Imagine having a business in South Africa with a customer far off the city. Having a local number would limit the reach of the business. On the flip side, having virtual numbers makes it easier for customers to connect.

This is where the top influencers think about 0345 phone numbers by cNumber. Wondering what are these and how can a business grow with these numbers?

Four Ways cNumber Will Help Improve Business Productivity

  • Remote Access

Integrating virtual numbers powered by cNumber will help business organizations run their business from anywhere across the globe. The teams can work remotely without being tied to a particular location, region, or city. With cNumber virtual numbers, leaders can embed flexibility within their line of business operation. Calls can be scheduled, transferred, and recorded as and when needed.

This means that the business can operate without any hassle and never miss a call. So, greater customer satisfaction, more loyalty, and higher engagement roads to increased productivity.

  • Build Brand For The Business

Having a dedicated business phone number makes it easier for the user to trace and remember the company. It is a common tendency that people pick brands they trust and are aware of. While the traditional phone number might not resonate with a brand, virtual numbers will do the job. Think about 0345 phone numbers!

They are not just any business number but specific to one. This way customers can easily look out for business by dialing the number and connecting with the business seamlessly. A 0345 number looks professional and allows business leaders to dissect their personal number from the professional one. This instills trust and boosts engagement with customers.

  • Minimize Cost

Virtual numbers do not mandate the need for additional hardware or software. Businesses can leverage their existing connection or opt for cloud-hosted telephony to set up their communication channels. This cuts down the extra cost spent on installing hardware, thereby saving money.

Organizations can then spend this share of money in other important areas increasing the end to end productivity. For small businesses that are limited in their expenses and seeking economical ways to set up business communication, virtual numbers are the best bet.

  • Hub of features

Virtual phone numbers come along with tons of features that are beneficial for the business in the long run. Often the inability of customer executives to receive the call be the reason for losing customers. With a virtual phone number in place, organizations can leverage the call forwarding and the call transferring feature. This helps them stay active throughout the day serving customers and meeting their expectations.

Businesses would no longer need to callback customers to get hold of information. cNumber incorporates the call recording facility which can be used to record calls and revisit them when needed. This way managers can keep track of the calls made, analyze them, and make better decisions.


Learn more on cNumbers about the 0345 number to get started with your virtual telephony. Low cost, resourceful, and highly effective, virtual numbers will help you stay active and productive.

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