Google Maps has definitely made our lives a lot easier; scouting for new destinations was never this simple.  However, if this is the only car related app that you use then you are missing on a lot of good stuff available out there. While we can understand your reluctance to wade into the myriad options available in the Apple or Google store, there are other ways of finding those car apps that really work for you.

This highly helpful infographic from SouthSide Motor Factors portrays 10 of the best car owner apps which can make your driving experience all the more enriching and convenient.  If you are a car enthusiast wanting to know all about the innards of your baby then ‘Torque’ is definitely for you. This app allows users to talk to their engines through their smartphones; you really couldn’t get closer to your car than this.

For the multi-taskers out there who do not want to waste a moment of their driving time, Vlingo can ensure that you can remain connected with the world, even be active in your social media accounts while you drive.  FuelLog is another handy app that can help you in understanding the fuel requirements and usage of your car.Top 10 apps for car owners [infographic]

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