Android is a household name today with nearly 81% of smartphones running on this operating system. However, there are not many who know of the humble beginnings of this giant. The infographic here allows us a glimpse into the journey of Android from an operating system meant for digital cameras to what it is today. The Android loyalists are sure to enjoy this peek into the world of their favorite operating system.

It all started with Android 1.0 being released for HTC Dream phone in 2008. Unlike what we have now, this initial version was heavily dependent on the hardware. Through the years the Android developers have brought a number of delicious sounding goodies which have managed to improve our smartphone using experience manifold.

The latest Android Lollipop was an attempt to embrace the new ‘Material Design’ by Android. This upgrade is a resounding success despite the fact that not all Android users have upgraded their handsets. Android M, the latest in the long line of Android operating systems and was unveiled on 28 May 2015 with a ‘Developer Preview’. This upgrade promises to be just as successful as its older siblings, though we very much miss the yummy title that is otherwise associated with an Android release.
Infographic: The Complete History of Android – Cupcake to Android M

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