There are so many reasons why you may need to track someone down in the United States. They may be your long lost friend or someone you need to take out a revenge from. Whatever the case, you need to know that ZabaSearch is capable of providing you with accurate information.

Although there are several people tracking search engine sites, you need to understand that it’s the features that people are more concerned about. What makes ZabaSearch to be unique of course are its amazing features and they include;

It’s a free platform

Visiting ZabaSearch website allows you to track down someone for free. After logging in to the site, all you need to do is enter the name and include the state in the required box. Now click search and wait for the magic to happen.

It is however good to understand that there are some people who have entered into an agreement with ZabaSearch so that their details cannot be found in the platform. Since ZabaSearch knows that you have very good reasons about finding whoever you are looking for, you can still have access to such a person’s information.

However, it will cost you plus, ZabaSearch will then redirect you to their partner company that provides paid people search services.

It’s easy to access and use

ZabaSearch is a web based people search site meaning that, to access and use it, all you require is a computer or Smartphone that has internet connectivity. On logging on to the website, you will land on the homepage where all you need to find someone is provided. By typing in the name and selecting the state you will narrow down your search results and increasing your luck.

With such few and easy instructions, this people search website reduces your work since you do not need to navigate and waste a lot of time to be able to track. However, you can decide to tour the website and find out more about their services.

It offers advanced search options

There are some people who are good at keeping their personal lives private. Whether they are people with good or bad intentions, someone may need to find them for the good reasons. Know that on top of providing you with searching option like including the state or tracking using a phone number, there are other advanced search options.

The best thing about ZabaSearch advanced search option is, it allows you to enter finer details about the person you are tracking. That means you can use the full names, the city and state in order to reduce your search results and increasing the chances of finding the person you are tracking. The advanced search option in ZabaSearch is ideal for finding people who bear common names.

ZabaSearch premium

While this people search website offers free services, know that they also offer free premium services when you link the platform to Facebook. When you link ZabaSearch to your Facebook account, you will be allowing the site to provide you with more accurate results during your search. Remember that one of the sources of information used as results in ZabaSearch are got from social media platforms.

ZabaSearch paid services

It should not go without mentioning that ZabaSearch is a partnering company to Intelius which is a paid people search website. When you are unable to get the search results you are looking for from ZabaSearch, you will get redirected to Intelius. However, don’t forget that ZabaSearch is totally free but you may need to pay Intelius for people who have opted out of the service.


Finding people is not easy especially if you have to walk from state to state knocking on doors and showing out the photo of the person you are tracking. It is also good to understand that no one feels safe giving out information about another person. That’s because, they can hardly tell your intention and they also don’t want to get into trouble.

With ZabaSearch however, you should be able to save a lot of time and money on your search.

Charles Bell, 26, based in Dyer, Indiana, is a student at Purdue University Calumet where he has received multiple academic honors. He is currently studying Information Systems and Computer Programming...

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