Yoga is a great way to train both your body and your mind. Yoga can help you to lose weight, gain strength and range of motion and help reduce stress on both your body and your mind.

Many people choose Netflix as the number one place to find movies, series, and videos, so it is only natural that when looking to better understand yoga, the theory behind it, and to learn and follow yoga moves that they would look for Yoga on Netflix.

Unfortunately, while at one time Netflix had a good number of Yoga videos on their site, they have narrowed their choices down to just a few including: Yoga: The Architecture of Peace and Naga: The Eternal Yogi

Both of these Videos are well worth watching and can give you a greater understanding of what Yoga is all about and what it can do for you neither videos will help you in the personal practice of Yoga.

This can be extremely disappointing for those people who want to practice yoga at home and are looking for instructional videos to offer them guidance.

If you do an Internet search for Yoga videos on Netflix you will discover that two years ago and even a year ago there were several Yoga videos offered by Netflix, but this year they seem to have replaced most of these videos with other programming. This means that those people who are looking for videos showing proper yoga positions may have to look elsewhere.

What is Yoga

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual activities that began in ancient India. While there are various types of yoga most people think of this discipline as the practice of various postures and breathing techniques. What most people don’t really understand is that the practice of yoga can be physically demanding and many people practice this art as a way of becoming more physically fit, lose weight and even to relieve pain.

Has Netflix Made A Mistake in Eliminating their Yoga Videos?

If you are really interest in Yoga or are looking for a video where you can learn a few of the yoga positions or breathing techniques then you may feel as though Netflix made a mistake in taking these videos out of their listings. However, those people who have little or no interest in Yoga may not even notice the absence of these videos.

The simple fact is, that the people behind Netflix have to frequently make decisions about their programming and if the yoga videos weren’t popular then it only makes sense that they replaced those videos with programming they felt would be popular. That doesn’t mean that if a new yoga video comes out that is extremely popular that Netflix won’t add it onto their programming. So, you may want to check every couple of weeks to see if any new yoga videos have been added to the site.

In the meantime, you may want to take a yoga class to learn those positions you are wanting to learn or to at least get an introduction to the practice of yoga.

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