Hackers aren’t just vehicles for Hollywood anymore. It seems like only yesterday when a hacker would either be a bit-time villain or a minor skill for a hero. It didn’t seem like a legitimate threat. Fast forward to the digital age that we live in now, and we’re not just getting films galore of hackers, but in the real world, it’s a major concern.

Online criminals out there to get your information or bring down big companies – it’s real, and it’s something you need to keep yourself safe from. Thankfully, as the hackers advance their tricks, so do security experts, meaning you can get hold of something that can stop them in their tracks.

The era of the desk-based computer has long gone. Even in office spaces, not everybody is confined to their desk, with multiple devices being used. And so it is in everyday life, where we all have a cell phone, a tablet, a computer, even a TV connected to the internet. It’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t reliant on the things we find online. But that’s just the way technology is advancing. Unfortunately, it’s the way cybercriminals are advancing, too, always trying to find a way to get hold of your personal data. And there’s a lot of information stored on those devices. Passwords to your favorite websites, banking details for easy purchases, your address – all something you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

You can stop this by installing the right security software. There are loads out there, but are you using the right one? Anti-virus software is only used to stop viruses. Some preventative software isn’t up to scratch. You need to stop hackers from the very beginning, and the best way to do that is with a virtual private network (VPN).

A VPN is by far the most effective way to protect all your devices when you’re online. It works by hiding your IP address and acts as…well, as the name suggests…a virtual private network. You essentially ‘log in’ from a completely different server, so not your IP address. It could be somewhere else in the country or a different location from somewhere else in the world. This immediately hides you from any hackers as they won’t know where you’re ‘coming from’ online. If they managed to hack into anything, it’d be a tough job. They’d have to try and get through the VPN’s military-grade encryption technology, and even if they do, they’ll just see the VPN location from where you logged in.

If you’ve got lots of devices, you want to make sure they are protected. It can be laborious to install a VPN individually on each device, so you can get ahead of this by using just one VPN router instead. By doing this, you’ll get all the added benefits of a VPN and more. For example, your protection will be continuous all the time; you don’t need to go on to your device and turn the VPN on or off. All your devices will also be protected, from your smart TV to your laptop to the devices of family members. Just remember, if you’re going to protect all devices with a router for VPN, make sure you’re getting one from somewhere that specializes in these products. Because when you do, you’ll also benefit from other advantages, such as:

Hiding from your ISP as they won’t be able to trace your IP too. This means you can access any content that they might have blocked and taken advantage of faster broadband speeds. ISPs are known for restricting bandwidth at peak times, but you, or anyone in your household, will be able to enjoy your usual fast speeds thanks to the VPN.

View the latest Netflix releases by removing any geo-restrictions. Not only can you enjoy the whole offering that streaming sites have to offer, but you can also get around any websites that impose geographic restrictions simply by selecting the right server in that country.

Everything’s protected, not just your media devices or cell phones. If you’ve got any device that connects to the router, such as smart heating or digital cameras – they’ll all be protected too. None of your information is going anywhere.

With a VPN router, you can add stringent security and privacy protection from the point of internet origin for all connected devices in your house. So you can enjoy ultimate privacy when using the web and be safe in the knowledge that no hacker will be able to target you.

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