Magento happens to be an e-commerce site that is supposedly an open-source technology. It provides the online traders to develop an online, user-friendly shopping website. The marketing policies, search-engine management, and optimization tools offered by Magento are hugely acclaimed. Both Magento 1 and Magento 2 are very much loved in the eCommerce sector, but which one should you choose? Find out with us today!

Magento 1

It dates back to 2009, when the concept of e-commerce sites was coming up. Let us look at the features that it has to offer to its users.

Tech Support

Since it was created in the year 2009, the platform only supports the technologies of that era. It will stop installing updates produced after June 2020. Thus, the latest technologies, patches, and fixes will not be updated.


It is inadequate in terms of performance when compared to the second version. The platform does not support new features or footprints. The performance quality of Magento 2 has improved over time. 


The monetary aspects are pretty steep as it does not allow the installation of the latest technologies. Thus, time after time, it will fail to provide a secure base platform to its users. The custom patches in it require paid updating options.  


It is slower in terms of optimization when it comes to Magento 2. The optimization facilities are such that it will handle one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand page views at once. In contrast, Magento 2 will take nine million to ten million page views at once.

Control panel and Interface

The design is pretty confusing and messy when compared to the second version. Since the second version indulges the latest technologies, the modification of the control panel in Magento 2 is user-friendly and highly responsive than the first version. The interface of Magento is a bit difficult to configure and jots everything together. 

Magento 2

After the announcement in 2010, it was launched in 2011. However, the merchant version was released in 2015. It has gained massive popularity since its release. The e-commerce platform has gone through several updates in the last few years. Let us look at the features that Magento 2 has to offer.

Tech support

Since it supports updates, the tech support of the platform remains pretty active. Artificial Intelligence, footprints, voice recognition facilities, and improved speed specialization make it the number one choice among its users.


The performance is more efficient than the one offered by the first version, as the second version has updated versions of PHP and Apache. The new tools make it much easier to access it.


Since it is customizable and has many possibilities in terms of personalization facilities, investing money in the initial phases might cost you a lot. Therefore, you must invest thoughtfully. You can try Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services by Elogic.


The second version is faster in terms of optimization. The new versions can handle a lot more viewers at once than the first version.

Control panel and Interface

The control panel is a lot more organized than its previous versions. The voice recognition feature is very efficient in its way. The interface is super-user-friendly and allows a lot more options.

With This in Mind

Magento 2 is far more user-friendly than Magento 1. The Magento migration by Elogic offers a lot to its users. Now that you know what features each platform provides, what are you waiting for? Get your Magento today!

Jared Bovard

Jared Bovard is an e-commerce software developer and custom Wordpress plugin developer. He occasionally works as a freelance writer, publishing e-commerce and technology articles.

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