Facebook is the single most popular social media site on the Internet and the Facebook Messenger App is designed to be used on any mobile device that runs on Apple’s iOS and Googles Android operating systems. The Messenger app allows members of Facebook to be able to send messages directly from Facebook on any device to any mobile device with the app installed.

The Messenger App is a really easy app to use to stay connected with all of your friends and family on Facebook. When you friend someone and they accept your friend request you are automatically able to receive messages sent from them whether they are using the Facebook App or Messenger App.

Receiving messages on Facebook Messenger

Normally when you receive a message from a person that you have friended on Facebook Messenger you will receive a notification. On the desktop of your mobile device, you will see the Messenger icon with a small number in the right-hand corner of the icon. This indicates the number of messages that you have waiting from registered Facebook friends.

There is a little known exception to this rule that is not highly publicized by Facebook. The software developers at Facebook made it possible for Facebook users to send hidden messages to members that are not on their friend’s list. These messages are handled completely differently from Facebook’s normally sent messages.

How are hidden messages handled by Facebook’s Messenger App?

Almost all of the billions of private messages (PM’s) that are sent between two or more members of Facebook are handled normally and will result in an indication on the desktop of any mobile device with the Facebook Messenger app loaded. However, you could possibly have been sent a message from any Facebook member via the desktop application of mobile device app that you are not currently friends with.

These hidden messages are intercepted and stored in a vault located on Facebook’s servers. Since they have been sent by someone you are not officially friends with you will not receive a traditional indication on your app.

How to access hidden Facebook Messages via the Facebook Messenger App

There are probably just a small number of people who are even aware that there is a way to send secret or hidden messages via Facebook Messenger. The majority of the people who are currently using the Facebook Messenger App on one or more of their mobile devices have no idea that there is even such a thing as hidden Messenger messages.

If you happen to have a mobile device such as an Apple iOS enable smartphone or any other Apple mobile device, you would be able to follow the instructions below to be able to gain access to the vault where Facebook ordinarily stores these hidden messages. Note: the following procedure only is available mobile users with devices that have iOS operating systems enabled on their devices.

How to access Hidden Messages in Facebook Messenger

  • Step #1 Click on the Messenger App icon on the desktop of the mobile device
  • Step #2 Tap “Settings” icon (gear looking icon at the bottom right corner
  • Step #3 Tap “People” link
  • Step #4 Tap “Message Requests”
  • Step #5 Scroll to the bottom and tap the “See Filtered Requests”
  • Step #6 The hidden messages will appear on the screen

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