And Destiny 2’s upcoming September 4th expansion “Forsaken” is promising players a bevy of changes to the game they’ve come to know and love since the game came out one year ago.

In fact, the changes almost seem as if they are in celebration of the fact that the game is turning one year old.

The update will not only change the way weapons work but also premier a new gameplay mode in Destiny 2.

Probably the single biggest change coming to the game is the weapons system update that will allow players to place any gun type in any slot. Previously you could only load power weaponry such as a shotgun into that slot but with the update you’ll be able to equip whatever you like. In addition, a new bow-and-arrow weapon will be coming out in addition to new supers promised for the Forsaken expansion. That’s a lot of changes to some pretty core elements of gameplay but, as many longtime Destiny players will tell you, the ability to equip any weapon in any slot is a real game changer but in a good way. Expect things to become more chaotic as players go hog wild with their selection of arms. Some veterans are decrying this change as sloppy and worry that it robs Destiny 2 of a certain strategic element but the changes looks set to liven up the gameplay a bit and throw a wrench into the well-oiled machine that is a Destiny 2 match.

A feature that is returning after some absence is random stat rolls for weapons. Previously weapons had fixed stats but the Forsaken expansion will bring back randomized loot stats in a nod to hoarders who revel in loads of loot.

As is expected with expansions to the Destiny franchise, Forsaken will take players to a new part of the Reef and introduce them to a new saga in the story of Destiny 2. In their search for the “Fallen barons,” gamers will explore this new territory and uncover its secrets, culminating in a massive raid event in the Dreaming City, an event that Bungie has likened to a combination of the Vault of Glass and Dreadnaught.

A new four on four mode called gambit promises to combine elements of player versus player and player versus environment gameplay in a bonanza of styles that pits players against bots then against each other. Also Bungie has announced that “Rumble” will be making a comeback for good and that six on six PVP quickplay will be the standard from here on out. These changes also come along with the announcement of a Year 2 pass that will offer players the chance to prepay for upcoming new content. Bungie is hoping Year 2’s content will be different from that in the past and hopes to make updates more frequently towards this end.

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