Sure, a lot of us growing up with dreams of becoming the next Ronaldo, but few of us will actually achieve that.

But did you know that some of us actually grow up dreaming of leading a successful football franchise to victory time and time again as the club’s manager?

Sad but true though those of us with a more business rather than athletic slant to our talents have to find our glory where we can.

And Sega’s Football Manager 19 will help you do just that.

In case you’ve always wanted to try your luck out at managing your own club but have never had the chance then the Football Manager range of simulation games might be something you want to check out.

Typically Sega releases their next iteration in the popular long running series as soon as the previous season comes to a close. Going all the way back to Football Manager 10, Sega has always happened to release new games in this franchise in the month of November, likely in preparation for the major holiday shopping season that occurs every year around this time. We’re guessing that is the release window for Football Manager 19 since we don’t have any official word yet on when it will come out.

Another area of scant information is what exactly you will be able to do in Football Manager 19. Some speculation is swirling around previously announced features that didn’t make it into subsequent versions of Football Manager but that is pure speculation at its best. Iterative improvements, as well as stats and roster updates, are par for the course but in terms of new gameplay mechanics and tweaks the next person’s guess is as good as the next.

Discussing the implementation of improvements to core gameplay, Miles Jacobsen told outlet FourFourTwo in November of last year: “Normally we’ve got a few features that people have been working on in advance – not everything can be done in a year. So if we wanted to have some new fancy technology that might take a team of two people 18 months to do, they’ll be working on that for one of the future games. There are definitely some things in FM 2017 that we’ve been working on for multiple years, and there are some features for FM 18 that people who finished their work on ‘17 have already started working on.”

From this we can tell that just because updates go unimplemented doesn’t mean that go forgotten and perhaps the biggest changes we will see in Football Manager 19 are previously planned alterations that have yet to make it to the cutting room floor. Of course, all will be revealed later this fall when Football Manager 19 finally arrives. We’re sure Sega will continue to build upon its lengthy series tradition and that Football Manager 19 will offer an even more robust simulation than ever before.

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