You might be looking forward to the announcement for the release date of Saints Row 5. Well, you have come to the right place because you may have only heard rumors and speculations, so here are some of the facts.

What Is Saints Row?

Basically, Saints Row is an action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. However, its current and previous installments are not available in multiplayer mode. Currently, Saints Row IV is a third-person shooter as an open world action game.

Popularity of the Game

The game received some positive reviews, according to Metacritic. This is due to the fact that the game expressed over-the-top humor and some options for character customizations. However, the only negative comment was that it lacked the challenge.

Perhaps that explains why people can’t wait for the next Saints Row installment. But here are a few things that can open up your eyes and give light into the confusion and rumors going on around its development.

Saints Row 5 Might Not Come Into Fruition

The only reason why Saints Row 5 would not be released any time soon is that all information coming out in the open are just mere speculations and rumors. Here are some of them.

  • There is no confirmed development of Saints Row 5 – This is due to the fact that Volition has not confirmed anything about it. The 4th title in the franchise was also terribly made at the height of the company’s bankruptcy.
  • After the bankruptcy, the company has lost its initial vision for the franchise – When Deep Silver made another game similar to the Saints Row titles, it made an impression to have the best marketing plan, making fans to think that it will be the new Saints Row game only to find out that it was just the 4th installment. Moreover, it was stated by Deep Silver that still it never had the success they were hoping to have.
  • Saints Row 4 got banned – Due to its content that are both sexual and violent, Saints Row got banned in Saudi Arabia and Australia.
  • Since the last release of Gat out of hell in 2015, the developer (Volition) is not doing anything to speed up the process. At the same time, Volition and its publisher (Deep Silver) still need to come up with a resolution.

Things to Expect When The Saints Row 5 Pushes Through

  • Improvement in performance – The previous game lack the in-game customization option. Therefore, the next installment should have this feature.
  • Release date – There is no fixed release date as of the moment. Perhaps the improvements and new features will definitely make the wait worth it.

Reasons The Saints Row 5 Will Be Out Soon

  • Vague series – Since the franchise did not have a flow as far as traditional series patterns are concerned, there is a high possibility that Saints Row 5 will be released soon. This is because the games in the series are nearly standalone games having a connection of stories and ideas.
  • Community-drive – Game developers frequently read and join gaming community forums. Such communities can help drive sales and profits. Since users would love to have the 5th installment, the developer won’t have a choice but to favor the requests of the users.

Positive outlook of Saints Row director – The director of the Saints Row franchise was asked about the long time the fans have waited for the fifth installment. The reply was indeed positive since he thought it has been years and it should be better if the game would be back.

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