Lots of mobile video games have proliferated in just a span of six years. One of the most popular mobile games during that period and perhaps until now is the one named Clash of Clans.

You might have wondered how Clash of Clans became one of the most loved mobile games. Well, here is a quick tip that you might find useful.

Released For iOS And Android

It was on August 2, 2012 when the game was released for iOS, and on October 7, 2013 for Android. Clash of Clans was developed and published by Supercell, a Finnish game developer.

This game became so popular because players are able to conjoin in order to create clans or groups of up to 50 people and go to Clan Wars together. This means that they can donate or receive troops, as well as talk with one another.

Online Multiplayer Game

Basically, Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game wherein players can also attack other players in order to gather resources or loots. But before that happens, a particular village must be able to build structures, gain resources, and train troops.

Clash of Clans also requires you to have an Internet connection to be able to play the game and begin enriching yourself with resources for developing a formidable village.

Choose The Base Type And Design

Farming Base – This base is designed to leave the village with the Town Hall away or outside the walls. This may cause you to loose trophies, but will reward you with a shield that lasts for 12 hours. You only have to keep your storages inside the walls to protect the resources.

Trophy Base – This focuses on keeping as much trophies as possible by keeping the Town Hall inside the walls. However, you will end up losing your resources for that matter.

Hybrid Base – This type of design focuses on defending your resources and trophies at the same time. So you need to build strong walls and towers to protect your village.

Decide What Layout To Make

  • Eggshell base type layout
  • Compartment base
  • Bulkhead base
  • Modified compartment base

Placement Of Buildings

  • Keep To The Center Splash Damage Buildings
  • Buildings Must Be Centralized, Including Cannons and Archer Towers
  • Put Your Traps Where You Think They Are Most Effective

Trap Methods And Walls

  • Double-Walling Type
  • Troll Base Design
  • Funneling Design
  • Wall-Breaker Sniping

Wrong Impression On Your Enemy Base

When you experience that you are not winning your attacks, it might be that you are underestimating your enemy’s base. Here are some of the usual blunders you need to stay away from.

  • The Wrong League – When you lose most of the time, you might have pushed as far as you could when you noticed a wall that you simply can’t pass anytime soon.

This means that you may have gotten too high up where your opponents are too good for your attacks. So, you simply have to avoid a couple of leagues higher than your current Town Hall level just to be safe.

  • The Killer Base – When you encounter bases that you think you can defeat, make sure that you consider what type of troops you are bringing along with you.

For one, Dragon attacks might not just be enough if you are attacking a base with maxed Air Defenses. On the other hand, Hog Rider attacks might just not work with multi-target Inferno Towers.

  • Bad Deployment Of Troops – You have to know how your Troops would work so that you can have a smart deployment. That is why you need not deploy your Troops all at once in a big bunch. This will only lower your chances of getting a successful attack overall.

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