In space, no one can hear you scream, unless you’re playing Void Crew in co-op and shouting directly into the microphone. It was recently released in early access on Steam and has received excellent reviews from players. The game is all about co-op for two to four players, although it is technically possible to play solo (but there is no AI-controlled crew).

Void Crew

When the crew is ready, you select a mission to complete, and then it’s a matter of manning all the necessary stations and reacting to everything from asteroid storms to aliens. Cannon turrets need to be controlled, components repaired, generators started, and ammunition manufactured, so expect hectic situations. In addition to battles with the ship itself, you sometimes have to venture out into space, for example, to loot a shipwreck.

Void Crew – Early Access Launch Trailer

The riches and resources you acquire can then be used to customize your character or upgrade the ship.

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