The video game genres that appeal mostly to players are those that focus on role-playing. That makes Dragon Age one of the sought-after video games in the market today. Dragon Age was developed by BioWare, a Canadian developer, and was first released in 2009.

Development of Dragon Age 3

In 2014, Dragon Age: Inquisition was released for several game consoles, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Similar to its predecessors, Dragon Age 3 consists of elements typically found inaction role-playing games.

This is where players can use magic and swords to defeat their enemies. They are also required to complete side quests, come in contact with non-playable characters, and play a role in the main story. However, when Dragon Age II was released, it manifested a dilemma as some would say it an identity crisis.

Earned Some Positive Reviews

Therefore, BioWare Edmonton has created a 3rd installment to combine the elements of the first 2 games and was released in E3 2013. Upon the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, it received critical acclaim where critics were able to commend its detailed environment, engaging combat, storyline, and soundtrack.

Although there were criticisms about some technical issues, it was still awarded by more than 150 accolades and was nominated for Best Role-Playing and Game of the Year awards from various gaming publications.

Development of Dragon Age 4 Confirmed

Three years after the release of the 3rd installment, people begin to wonder for a 4th installment. To give light into this issue, executive producer Mark Darrah has confirmed that there would be another Dragon Age game. However, it might not be called Dragon Age 4, based on the accustomed releases.

Although fans may not be certain about the release date, they are glad that the fourth installment is in the works. Perhaps that is the reason why a lot of websites are now becoming conscious about the possible announcement to be made by Electronic Arts as its publisher regarding the upcoming new game version of Dragon Age.

Updates About Dragon Age 4

The famous RPG franchise Dragon Age has a new installment in the works. This was confirmed by its executive producer. So some people are wondering what type of game console they can play it on. Well, among them are PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, you can get a hold of it at least in a couple of years.

Teaser Trailer

If you haven’t caught up with the latest information about Dragon Age, you should know that BioWare has already announced to return for yet another Dragon Age title. That alone is a confirmation that there is indeed a new line in the series that would come in no less than 2 years.

There were rumors that have also leaked some information about the release date,which would have been announced during The Game Awards 2018. As it turned out,the announcement was just a one-minute teaser trailer that introduced the Elven god of betrayal from the Dragon Age: Inquisition known as Fen’Harel.

Possible Release Date

Dragon Age 4 developer BioWare has yet to announce the release date. But for now there is not much to say about the game according to BioWare executives. One thing that has made the development of the game so exciting is that they are building a new team around the veteran developers of Dragon Age.

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