New updates have been released for Clash Royale in 2019, which include some balance update patch notes, as well as new cards.

You might be wondering why people are excited to get new updates. Well, the reason is that they can get new features, changes, and some new cards. So what are these new cards, by the way?

A single new card is capable of opening up a bunch of great deck possibilities. Moreover, it can add more longevity to the title. Here are some of the newly-added cards since 2018 that you might want to take a look back.

  • Ram Rider
  • Electro Dragon
  • Goblin Giant
  • Royal Recruits
  • Royal Hogs
  • Giant Snowball
  • Rascals

However, these are just released in 2018, so you might have already seen these, right? The monthly balance update for the first month of the year has been released.

Goblin Bruiser

A new card called Goblin Bruiser has been leaked back in December 2018. In fact, it was leaked via video, which points to a goblin card to come this year. Basically, it is a common card, which is the opposite side of the spectrum as the Ram Rider.

January Balance Update

There is a host of changes that can provide new opportunities or the popular cards of Clash Royale. For instance, it has reduced the Heal cost to just 1 elixir, which makes it a strong choice in many cycle decks.

Among the changes is the Magic Archer, which receives a rollback to its first attack nerf. However, the Barbarian Barrel is going in the opposite direction, which has rolled back its deploy time buff to half.

On the other hand, the big nerfs to pursue with the usual stuff are the Battle Ram and the Barbarian Hut. These should be among the strong choices in this meta.

Here are the detailed balance update patch notes for the month.

Heal Reworked

  • Heal costs 1 elixir down from the 3
  • From the 2.5 seconds duration, now it has been reduced to 2
  • Healing has been reduced to 63% per second


  • Faster first attack for Magic Archer
  • Hit points for Goblin Giant has been increased to 3%
  • Spear Goblins have also increased in rang
  • From the 4.5 range the Sparky has been increased to 5, which is now higher than Electro Wizard
  • The previous hit speed of the Valkyrie was 1.6, but it has been improved to 1.5


  • The pushback of the Golemite has been reduced
  • The Freeze now deals 65% less damage to the turrets
  • Reduction of 11% has been made to the Battle Ram
  • Hit points of the Barbarian Hut has been reduced to 7%
  • Deployment of Barbarian Barrel has now been reduced


Overall, the balancing update for the month of January has brought some promising features thus far. The only remaining mystery is the New Card to come along with it. Fans can’t wait to get the New Cards coming in 2019, but it should take time. You can stay updated to the latest updates for Clash Royale by subscribing to this website.

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