For years now, mobile gaming has definitely pushed its boundaries in order to provide more innovations for smartphone gamers worldwide. Among many popular mobile games available today is Clash of Clans.

While this game is fairly new in the mobile gaming industry, its rise to popularity proves that it is one of the most well-loved mobile games in existence.

In this piece, we’ll dive into the world of Clash of Clans, understand its gameplay, and discuss current updates. Are you ready? I know we are.

Inside Clash of Clans

Thanks to the great minds of Zack Ferry and men behind the Finnish video game developing company, Supercell, mobile gamers were introduced to the world of Clash of Clans. It was released in iOS format back on August 2, 2012, and was made available for Android devices on October 7, 2013. Since then, many have enjoyed playing this fantasy-themed game all over the world.

By definition, the game is what people know as a “freemium mobile strategy video game” which means that players can download the game for free and may purchase in-app add-ons or upgrades along the way. It’s an interactive mobile video game that centers on the players’ tactical and strategic skills in order to achieve victory.


Being an online multiplayer strategy game, Clash of Clans mainly requiring players to form villages or communities called clans. As the player builds his community, he has to train a troop that will be used to attack other players and their villages. In winning these attacks, the player earns gold, gems, elixirs, and other resources.  

In terms of their earnings, the game runs on four main currencies with specific purposes. For one, gold can be used to build and reload defensive structures that will serve as protection from other players’ attacks.

On the other hand, the dark elixir and elixir can provide upgrades and training to troops and spells. Finally, gems are treated as a premium currency.

Clash of Clans is mainly broken down into two phases” the Build phase and the Action Phase. While there isn’t exactly an explicit division of the two modes, the gameplay itself can easily see where the boundaries lie.

The first part of the users’ gameplay is dedicated to establishing the strength of your troops and your village. The player may focus on that phase until the community is strong enough to enter the Action phase.  

Current Game Updates

In December alone, Clash of Clans released a total of three updates: two new magic items and a builder base balancing update.

The two new magic items are as such: the Shovel of Obstacles and the Hero Potion. The Shovel allows the player to move from a single obstacle to anywhere on the game’s map. The hero potion, on the other hand, enhances the performance and grants Hero +5 levels up to the maximum level.

The new Builder Base Balancing update announced the changes the developers made to the Builder Base. For one, the Baby Dragon’s HP was increased by 7.5% while the Super P.E.K.K.A.’s HP was reduced by 5%. Such update also made changes to the Star Laboratory, the Gem mine, and the Canon Cart. The game’s current vision runs on Version 11.185.8 where the game introduced new troops, spells, siege machines, and many others.  

While these are quite a lot of updates, the game surely promises more in the future. These updates released on this short period of time prove that the game dedicates to brings better gaming experiences among their players.

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