Rumors have been circling around about the new iPad Mini 5 and Apple fans are excited. After all, it’s been more than three years since the launch of the iPad Mini 4 and consumers can’t wait to get their hands on a new model—and possibly new features.

Apple recently hinted that the iPad Mini 5 may arrive sometime next year, but while we wait for it to finally hit the market, here are some things we know about the new iPad model:

The Design

Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities Analyst said that the new iPad Mini 5 may not be a far cry from its predecessor in terms of design. In fact, it will be more of an upgrade rather than a smaller iPad Pro and it will feature a lower cost panel and an upgraded processor. Tech fans are speculating that the iPad Mini 5 will have a lot in common with the iPad Mini 4, but it may be lighter and slimmer than its predecessor.

The Price

Apple hasn’t released any information on the new iPad Mini 5 just yet, but there are predictions that it would cost around $329, which is the same price for the new iPad. But some tech fans would beg to disagree saying that it may cost more than that, especially with the current iPad Mini 4 costing around $399 today.

The Camera and Battery

There are no details about the iPad Mini 5’s features yet, but tech fans are expecting that it will have the same cameras as the new iPad, an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front-facing camera. There’s also a good chance that the new iPad Mini 5 will use the same 5,124mAh battery as the iPad Mini 4.

The Screen

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hinted that the iPad Mini 5 will have a lower-cost panel, which means that it will be a 7.9-inch LCD screen unlike the OLDE panels used on the iPhone XS. True Tone may likely be added to the screen’s features and it automatically adjusts the screen’s color temperature depending on ambient light.

The OS

In terms of chipsets, the iPad Mini 5 may use the A10 Fusion or the A11 Bionic, which are both older versions of the A12 that’s used on the iPad Pro 2018. It may also run on iOS 12 and will probably have the same 2GB RAM as its predecessor. One thing’s for sure, however, the iPad Mini 5 will have an upgraded processor according to Ming-Chi Kuo, but we won’t know exactly what upgrades are in it until it is launched next year.

The Final Say

Tech experts don’t have high expectations for the new iPad Mini 5 because it is said to be an upgrade rather than an entirely new model. It may support the Apple Pencil and may have improved speakers for better audio. Other features may also be added to the iPad Mini 5, but it may not be as packed as the new iPad because it is said to be a cost-effective option for tech fans.

There is a lot of anticipation for the new iPad Mini 5 to arrive on the market early next year. But until Apple speaks up about its final release date, tech fans will just have to wait and see what the new iPad model has to offer.

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