It’s the Yuletide season, and everyone is decking their homes with holly, mistletoe and lots of cheer! Christmas is coming, and the joy can already be felt in the air. Preparations are in full swing all around, and one of the major tasks is buying gifts. ‘What to buy?’ is a very common dilemma that comes up before every Christmas. Plus, if the person you are gifting to is a gadget freak and you are not, well, this can make anyone break into a sweat even in December.

Technology is a very dynamic concept and every year, the guys from the tech-y companies come up with something newer, better, friendlier, etc. If chosen wrongly, a gift can backfire, no matter how pure the intention behind it. However, fret not because we have brought you a list of awesome tech gifts you should have on your list while shopping for your loved ones.

Apple Watch Sport


Apple upped its coolness quotient by taking the Apple Watch further and coming up with the Apple Watch Sport for the fitness freaks. The Apple Watch can do everything that the iPhone can. It has messaging, music, camera, weather, calendar, etc.

The Apple Watch Sport goes a step further. It can track the progress of your workout, or calculate the distance, pace, time, and calories burned. Plus, it is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. It makes a great gift for the fashion-conscious fitness lover.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Christmas isn’t complete without the hustle and bustle of children; nothing compares to watching their faces light up on seeing presents under the tree. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet is an amazing offering from Amazon for the little ones. It comes with a comfy HD display, WiFi, 8 GB memory or more, front and rear cameras, Dolby Audio and awesome colors. It also comes with a warranty, replacement guarantee and fool-proof parental controls. All aboard the kiddie brigade!

Samsung Gear VR


This is an amazing idea to gift absolutely anybody. This is a swanky gadget that can turn any virtual image into reality, for real. Slide your phone in front of the eyes and you will be transported into a completely different world. It has a wide field of view, smart head tracking and superior AMOLED display. You can view photos, videos, even watch movies. This gift will be something ‘out of this world’.

Microsoft Band 2


This is another gift idea for those who are heavily into fitness and would love company. This device tracks your heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, etc. It also has a microphone, touchscreen, UV sensor and barometer. It can be worn during a workout, and at all other times too. It is a good device for those who are always on the move, and want to make the most of their time with a little help from technology.


‘Music in your palm’. The Bose Soundlink Mini is a powerhouse in a small package. No matter where you go, what you do, as long as you have Bluetooth, you can enjoy crystal clear sound on the go. It can connect to your smartphone, tablet, and almost any other device. You can even take calls on it! So find that cool as cucumber dude or dudette on your list, and put this gift next to their name.

UE Roll


The UE Roll by Ultimate Ears is the Ultimate Bluetooth wireless speaker that provides 360 degree sound. It is meant for adventure lovers and the traveller at heart, and can be used anywhere from beaches to cliffs to underwater! It comes in funky colours and designs, to suit the personality of the owner. So get this for your wild-at-heart loved one who craves for more and more out of life.

Wacom Creative Stylus 2


Does your loved one have a creative streak, a flair for art, or the ability to create breath-taking drawings from nothing? Then this can be the best gift for such a person. If you know anyone who treats their iPad like a drawing board, then the Wacom Creative Stylus 2 would be nothing short of perfection. It helps the artist create masterpieces on their iPad with a few strokes.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller


This is the best gift option for the hardcore gamers, who are usually found in the younger generation of the family, and they will absolutely love this gift. This is one of the best controllers in the market, with better speed, accuracy, response and performance. It enhances game play to a new level. It has amazing features that enable a seamless gaming experience overall. It’s a complete ‘game-changer’.

Roku Streaming Stick


Do you have a movie buff on your list, who loves streaming movies or shows and watching them, never missing the latest seasons? Then you must check out the Roku Streaming Stick as an awesome Christmas gift. You can stream HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and 2500 more channels plus over 300,000 movies and TV shows. The person you gift this to will love you for life, and maybe you’ll get an equally awesome gift next year!

Logitech K380 Multi-device Keyboard


This is a gift for the workaholic on the move. If you know someone who works from home on weekends, or likes blogging or writing when doing housework, then this keyboard is an awesome gift idea. It can be used anywhere, connected to multiple devices, switched easily between devices and has Bluetooth, making it wireless and hassle free. Cool, right?

Final Thoughts

These were some out-of-the-box ideas for gifts to get for tech-lovers and tech geeks. It doesn’t matter if you are clueless about what to gift to your nephew who stays up late playing games, or your sister-in-law who is a freelance writer/homemaker/soccer mom. Well, now you know, so you can relax your head about it. What’s more, these devices can be ordered online too, so you need not fret about finding a store that sells them all.

So now chill out, get your gifts, and get into the holiday cheer!

Hemendra Jain

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