Driving a car can be a nightmare during the peak hours of downtown traffic. While we would all love to live in a safe world where every driver follows rules and the traffic is all orderly, this is rarely if ever true. In fact the world is full of speeding maniacs who flaunt every rule in the traffic book. To add to this already dismal scenario are fraudsters who stage crashes in order to gain insurance money.

Fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise in both US and UK.  Things are the worst in Russia which probably is the reason why dashcams are the most popular there. Dashcams are cameras mounted on the dashboard of a car. The infographic here gives us a brief history of these car cameras and talks about their utility in resolving road disputes. It also provides some helpful tips about using these cameras the right way.

The most surprising factor presented here is that there are some insurance companies which provide a discount in premium for people with dash cams installed. This shows the very real threat posed by the insurance fraudsters. However, the good news is that we can easily foil such misuse of car insurance by installing dashcams and using them diligently.

Irfan Ahmad

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