Many people think that tracking fleet vehicles is all about knowing their location at any one time. While this is the main idea, there is more to tracking. As a fleet manager or owner, it is important to know what else is involved and the gadgets used for the process. Below are the popular gadgets that you need to track your fleet vehicles in the right way. They are becoming more sophisticated by the day, and it is up to you to pick the best brands and types.

The GPS Solution

A GPS tracking device is the most popular tracking gadget. With numerous brands today, fleet companies should be careful when selecting one. Features of the gadget matter a lot. A good GPS device should work perfectly when installed in a vehicle. This means that it will transmit data in real-time to a remote location for observation by the supervisors and managers of the fleets. Here are some of the functions performed by the GPS tracking solution.

  • Real-time location data transmission – this is the main purpose of any GPS solution. There should be no delays in showing managers where a vehicle is. Another essential element in this is the accuracy of the location. Otherwise, the tracker will have failed in its functioning.
  • Navigation – most if not all GPS devices provide a navigation option for the drivers in a fleet company. The GPS’s navigation system looks for routes and instructs drivers on how to follow them.
  • Storing route data – sometimes, there might be a problem, and the management would like to check the vehicle’s previous activities later in the day. A good GPS device should provide such details. Likewise, it should provide other reports as well.

Dashboard Cameras

Thanks to technology, dashcams can now show the real-time position of vehicles at any time. They have an integrated GPS tracker in them that uses the cellular internet to show the actual location of the vehicles. If you visit the Eyerideonline website, you will see such impressive devices.

Such a dashcam acts like the eye of the fleet company because it also streams the footage to a remote location, which can be accessed by the fleet managers at any one time. Drivers need to keep these gadgets on and connected to the in-vehicle internet for such tracking to be possible.

Mini Mobile Trackers

Apart from GPS and dashcams, there are other trackers that use GSM cellular technology. As long as they are powered and have an active sim card, the managers can obtain the locations of the vehicles on a dashboard. They are simple and cheap to manage, unlike sophisticated GPS tracking solutions. However, they have the drawback of poor support, and therefore, they have poor reliability in the long run.


Tracking fleet vehicles is very easy and simple if the company is aware of the above gadgets and technology. All of them should be bought from reliable sources. This way, they will be more helpful to managers and drivers.

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