Drone Racing has emerged as the ultimate and newest thrilling trend for the technology lovers. The rich-fan list for drones when operated with the raging and vigorous races generates certain high-end stunning results. The visual of an energetic drone creating its way through narrow lanes and risky tracks is enough to pace your pulse and fill enormous excitement. A bunch of attractive drone with robust attitude, fascinating LEDs and eye-catchy body-frames are made to race on furious racing tracks. The pilots of these competing drones are nowhere less than a F1 racer and their level of energy portrays their greed to win.

This infographic below, created by dronomag, aims to deliver information about the most amazing racing drones and drone racing competitions. The intention is to share the energy and enthusiasm of drone racing. Feel it, love it and share it further!

Hi, I’m a blogger, social media savvy and graphic designer from Haripur, Pakistan. My favorite food: infographic.

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