CES 2015 – Witness the Future of Technology Unfold

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the Holy Grail for the technology lovers. With over 170,000 attendees and around 3,600 exhibitors, CES 2015, held in Las Vegas, is definitely the biggest tech show in the world that tech enthusiasts look forward to every year. This year was no different with over two floors of exhibition space and a host of participants showing off their vision of future tech. Tech lovers from across the world flock to the mega event to see what’s coming next and this edition was no exceptions.

2014 saw a host of new technology and gadgets especially on the wearable tech front. The expectations were at high from what this year would bring. While the place was swarming with tech geeks and swaggering startups, biggies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon were conspicuous by their absence.

We round up a few of the most talked about products showcased at CES 2015-

Gogoro Smartscooter

CES_Gadgets 3
Image : GizMag

This ultra modern and sleek designed scooter has been attracting a lot of attention, because not only it embarks the retro design that is a fusion of past and future, it runs on electric and goes up to 100 miles on one charge. Though, the pricing and launch date are yet to be announced by the company, if the claims are true, this certainly seems to be creating a strong wave of demand when launched.

Sony 4k Action Cam

CES_Gadgets 4
Image : Sony

For the daredevils and the drone makers, the latest action cam from Sony will fit the bill perfectly. Its ability to take 4k videos and mitigate high frequency vibrations of the motor through advanced image stabilization technology is sure to appease many. Priced at a reasonable price point of $500, this is the action camera that certainly is going to pave the way for the future technology of action cameras.

Bionic Bird

CES_Gadgets 5
Image: Google

The CES 2015 saw a stream of drones being presented by a wide range of startups, entrepreneurs and tech giants, but the one that stood out for its unique technology, looks and functionality, is Bionic Bird. It has a Bluetooth radio and can be controlled by a Smart phone. It is easy and cost-efficient to charge, and is priced at just $139.

LG 77 Inch 4k Flexible OLED

CES_Gadgets 6
Image : Gizmodo

Partly, the CES 2015 was all about 4k televisions and screens. It’s hard to turn around and not get a 4k screen in the vision at LVCC this time around. All the TV manufacturers did their best to win the share and make a sold foot print in the 4k revolution. However, this one from LG, even though is a concept prototype, did turn heads and how. It has an OLED screen that bends at the touch of a button, which means you can enjoy both curved and flat viewing angles as per your wish. And, plus its 4k resolution gets you the lifelike clarity.

Dell Venue 8 700

CES_Gadgets 12
Image: Bayur

The tablets were, and would be part of the CES tech show, and this year is no different. Packed with an OLED 8.4” screen and Kit Kat 4.4, it is a slim and a well designed tablet that comes with Intel RealSense Snapshot depth camera. Powerful, portable and light – this product from Dell did manage to win the CES Best of innovation Award, not for nothing. Check it out when it gets released in early 2015, as per the company release.

Voxel8 3D Printer

CES_Gadgets 7
Image : Gizmodo

Even though the CES 2015 features a lot of 3D printers, Voxel8 is different and intriguing. Its primary focus is to design electronic circuits, rather than just plastic objects with the help of the conductive ink that dries up in no time. The company also showcased a number of uses of the 3D printer, which can be used for making devices such as hearing aids, quadcopter drones and even wearable gadgets.

Sony SmartEyeGlass Attach

Image : Sony

This tech wearable from Sony is definitely not aimed at competing with Google Glass, which itself is far from being called a commercial success. However, this tech eyewear by Sony is meant to make the everyday people buy a tech eyewear without actually having to spend a fortune. It can easily get attached to the normal glasses with a small screen it has.

Samsung SSD T1 Storage Device

CES_Gadgets 8
Image : Samsung

This one is aimed to make it big, and rightly so. The need and usage of storage devices have increased drastically in the past few years. And, Samsung is all set to make a mark in this niche before others jump into the rat race, already dominated by other players. The Samsung’s storage device on display at CES 2015 can store up to 1 Terabyte data, but is a size of a business card. Handy, portable, light and powerful – that’s what it is.

Mercedes-Benz F015

CES_Gadgets 9
Image : Google+

This concept car by Mercedes-Benz with seats styled to face each other like a corporate meeting room, and fitted with LED displays on both the front and rear ends acting as sensors, is certainly going to make guys working for Google’s driver-less car project a bit cautious. It is styled to perfection, and is definitely worth a watch with its sleek curves. When it hits the road for real is when we shall believe the future has arrived.


Image : TechGeekForever

Finally, the people who have been following the Ponoplayer’s development from its time at Kickstarter, over a year ago, the new age mp3 player is finally available for purchase. The neat sound quality and economical pricing at $400, is what makes this small yet powerful mp3 player worth a notice.

Though, it is certainly impossible to fit in all the new age tech gadgets on show at CES 2015, these are the top few you certainly cannot miss. While it lacked any big announcements from the missing majors, the show itself brought a slew of wearable and smart tech. The absence of the most awaited Apple Watch was more than made up by an exciting line up of gizmos at the LVCC.

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