To select the right security camera, you need to consider the location, the type of camera, audio & video quality, and the area you want to cover.

Security cameras have become necessary nowadays. This is a great way to stop various crimes and can be of immense help to identify the criminal.

This is why all around the world, almost all stores, business offices, banks, and agencies use security or CCTV cameras. They are so effective that security cameras are also installed in residential areas now. Many homeowners are making security cameras an essential part of their home security.

If you want to choose the right type of security camera for safeguarding your house or your corporate office building, then follow the tips listed below.

1. The Location Of The Camera

The first issue to be considered is the location of your camera. The location generally means whether you are going to install the camera, indoors or outdoors.

The location is important because based on the place of your camera; the next steps are taken. To select the correct location, you need to understand where you want to put extra security.

If you have valuable items inside, then you can place indoor cameras in front of that area. You can get one of those cool tiny spy cameras from Gadgets Spy.

But if you do not have any expensive or valuable items, you can place a camera outdoors to monitor whoever comes and goes from your house.

2. The Type Of Camera

You might think security cameras are just small cameras set to get a visual record of things happening around, but in reality, there are many types of cameras with different features.

For example, there is a dome camera, which can be placed on top of the ceiling and looks like an inverted dome. There is also the traditional box camera, which is placed in corners.

For getting good nighttime visuals, there is the day/night camera which has a special IR filter. There are also thermal cameras.

There is a wide variety to choose from so decide which features you need the most.

3. Image Quality

Image quality can be a big issue to successfully identifying a criminal. That is why it is necessary to have a camera that has a high-resolution image.

But you do not need to go overboard and buy the camera that has the highest resolution. The image quality will also determine how much area needs to be covered.

If you want to cover a wider area, then you need a camera with high resolution. Generally, a resolution of 1920×1080 should be your best bet if you want to cover a large area.

4. The Area You Need To Cover

Speaking of areas, you should also consider how much area is needed to be covered with your camera. You can select a wide-angle camera to record a broader view.

You might also need multiple cameras to cover the whole area or a camera that moves or covers all sides. But if you want to put a camera on a narrow path such as a hallway, then a single static camera will suffice.

5. Whether You Need Audio

Having audio settings in your security camera is also a useful feature. It can record any conversation that takes place near the security camera.

Sometimes, audios can be a crucial part of your security system, as you will be able to hear all controversial discussions or conspiracies.

So it is a good choice to get a security camera that has an audio system. But this is an extra feature. The main purpose of a security camera is visual recordings. So whether you will get a camera with audio settings is up to your choice.

6. The Stealth Of The Camera

Some might not put much emphasis on it, but whether you want your camera to be hidden or exposed, can impact a few factors. First, if you have an exposed camera, then it can be prone to damage, negating the whole security system.

If the camera is exposed, then criminals will also be aware and avoid committing any crime. But if the camera is hidden, then criminals might think that nobody is watching them.

But as the camera is hidden, it will only be a matter of time before they get caught. So for stealthier approaches, hide the camera, and if you want to keep everyone in check, expose your camera.

7. Smart Cameras

With the advancement of technology, it is no wonder that security cameras will also see magnificent improvements. Some cameras can spot movements and focus on those areas.

This allows a better visual of anything happening in proximity to the camera. Smart cameras can also send photos of whatever is happening to your android phone if you are at a distant place, getting a smart security camera will also be a good choice.

8. The Budget For The Camera

Now the most important part, the budget. There are a wide variety of cameras and the price range is also broad.

The security cameras are not very expensive, that is why they are so commonly used nowadays. You can even get a high-resolution night vision security camera.

If you can spare more money, you can get high-end cameras that have smart features like audio. The options are varied, so you do not have to worry about spending money unnecessarily.

The Challenges Of Implementing A Security Camera

Now, some problems might show up as you install a security camera. First, if there are any other electrical or power lines near your security camera, then the visuals might get blurry, and you will often see shadowy figures. This phenomenon is known as “Ghosting”.

Another problem you will face is too much glare. If your camera is set indoors and there are too many windows or mirrors inside, that reflect light, it will create glares, disrupting the vision.

Final Thoughts

Security cameras are a great way to increase the safety of your house and any other valuable place. If you want to get a good security camera, then follow the steps listed above.

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