Virtual Reality has been on the brink of becoming the next big thing for more than a decade now. In truth the effectiveness of VR games and environments has been considered directly proportional to the nausea induced by them. It is therefore of little surprise that we are still immersed in our PS4s and Xboxes rather than experiencing the exhilaration associated the much more immersive virtual reality games.

Things seem to be changing for the better for VR now. A number of big companies have stepped into the virtual reality realm and are coming up with gadgets that promise more than a stiff breeze and mind numbing noises. The infographic here shows how some of the world technology leaders are now all set to tap into the potential of this immersive gaming experience. Facebook, Windows, HTC and Sony are some of the tech giants who have taken up the flame of Virtual Reality.

There are a number of games that are already available like the Spooky Forest by Oculus Rift which can be a spine chilling experience or the Sky Diving experience by nDreams which can seem amazingly real with the wind on your face and a feeling of weightlessness associated with free fall. The era of Virtual Reality seems to finally descend on us.

Irfan Ahmad

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