College homework in the past was a dreadful academic task. But today, things have changed significantly for students, thanks to technological advancement and its impact on the educational system.

Most of the challenges that made life unbearable for students are now things of the past. Students now have easy access to a plethora of useful gadgets. From taking notes to working on assignments, you will find devices for almost everything.

Here are gadgets that can help make college homework a breeze for students.

1. Noise Blocking Wireless Headset

If you belong to the category of students who cannot concentrate in a noisy environment, then you will appreciate using the noise blocking wireless headset. It is an exceptional headset design to let students focus their attention even in a boisterous place.

This gadget also helps students to save time they could have easily lost due to distractions. Even if you have a noisy neighbor or melodramatic roommate, it’s easier to handle their distractions with this gadget.

The headset also frees students from holding their phones or answering calls when doing other chores like walking, jogging and other exercises.

2. Power banks for mobile device

The power bank may be among the most common gadgets for students, but it’s still handy and highly essential. But then, most students only discover this and appreciate the use of a power bank when their mobile device shuts down due to low battery, particularly in a critical period.

One of the features that make power banks incredible is their portability. They can also keep the mobile device on throughout the day, thus allowing students to have access to the internet or do other important things with their mobile phones.

3. Smartpen

This Smartpen is another fantastic technology that can make college assignments a breeze. You won’t miss any information regarding your homework with this tech. It’s a multipurpose pen that makes note-taking enjoyable and straightforward. And, it is usually paired with an app to connect to the user’s mobile device and works on the smartphone or tablet too.

However, how this Smartpen works is impressive. When you write directly on the dot paper, it converts whatever you have written down into digital files in real-time and stores them in your mobile device. This gadget can also record voice lectures, so rest assured you won’t miss any information regarding your assignment even after the class.

4. E-book reader

Whether it’s Amazon’s Kindle or Nook, e-book readers are incredible gadgets that can benefit students massively. These devices are portable and can substitute carrying tons of books around.

The e-book reader allows students to read any digital e-books with ease. And in the process, it helps students to save time and focus more attention on your assignment. You will have access to materials for your paper, instead of spending time moving around.

5. Switchable keyboard

Imagine if all of a sudden an idea pops up in your head regarding how to fix your assignment, but your computer is far away. How will you get those points down quickly before they fizzle out? A switchable keyboard is all you need!

This gadget connects to multiple devices such as a desktop computer, phone, and tablets. It can also connect via Bluetooth or through a USB cord. Impressively, having such a gadget around can give you enough motivation to face your homework.


All the gadgets on this list are incredible. They come designed with features that make homework a breeze for students. Tons of new devices are also being released into the market daily to help make the academic life of students as easy as possible.

And according to AssignmentGeek, knowing the gadgets available and the problem they can solve can help students to make the right choice. But if you are looking for a top that can help you with your homework, try these.

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