Think you know your MacBook Pro inside and out? Think again! Here are 4 Cool Things to do with a MacBook Pro you probably don’t know.. yet.

Have you just purchased a new MacBook Pro 16 inch? Or perhaps you’ve had your Macbook Pro for a while.

They are amazing machines. There are many Cool Things to do with a MacBook Pro. They can be used to do all kinds of powerful tasks.

From playing video games, creating music, to even managing an entire business, the Macbook Pro is the ultimate computer.

But there is so much to do on a MacBook Pro. Here are some Mac tips to help you make the most of this awesome machine.

1. Use Spotlight to Convert Currencies and Imperial to Metric

Spotlight — otherwise known as the search bar — is an amazing tool that gets better and better with every Mac OS update. Now it can not only be used to search your files and emails or give you information about current events, but it can also be used to covert figures.

If you have a business with clients in multiple locations around the world then you probably deal with different currencies with rates that change daily. It can be a challenge to keep up with them, particularly if you use currency in a high denomination such as the Vietnamese Dong.

Using Spotlight you can do these calculations based on the most available figures from the comfort of the search bar rather than having to open up or download a currency converter tool from the App Store.

2. Pay For Goods Using Apple Pay

Mobile payment platforms are great and can speed up your computing experience. Many people have to run downstairs or to another room in order to collect their credit card to pay for items when instead they could simply use their fingerprint or face to pay for items. You could even sign up for the new Apple Credit Card which can be used with Apple Pay, great for earning cashback.

Apple Pay is now integrated into most new Macbooks which have a fingerprint sensor included. This can also make unlocking your MacBook much easier.

Remember in order for Apple Pay to work you have to use Apple’s built-in Safari browser. So be sure to switch over if you are using browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Safari not working on Mac is a fairly common issue. If this happens, then consider these steps to ensure that your Safari browser continues to function correctly.

You can also store your customer loyalty cards and boarding passes on Apple Pay so you can look at them and enter them to get rewards on a MacBook Pro. Be sure to click settings and Apple Pay and Wallett to see all of your saved cards.

3. Control Your Mac Using Siri

Did you know you can control your MacBook using Siri? You no longer have to just rely on a mouse or a keyboard you can say ‘Hey Siri’ or press the button on your Apple headphone and this amazing virtual assistant will come to life.

You can ask Siri to write and respond to emails for you, open certain Apps, make phone calls, and play your music or audiobooks.

On top of this, you can also use Siri to answer your everyday questions rather than using Google. It can tell you who the leaders of the world are and give you the dates of most key events. Siri can also inform you of what the weather is doing that day.

Another amazing feature of Siri is its ability to be able to translate phrases into another language. Many European languages, as well as Arabic and Mandarin, are available.

4. Two Operating Systems Are Better Than One

Another amazing feature of the MacBook Pro is the ability to run two operating systems. This means if you are bored of Mac OS and instead want to use Windows or another operating system, you can.

In order to get Windows on your computer, you need to partition your hard drive. This way, when you load your computer, you will be given two options as to whether you load Windows or Mac.

One of the great things about this is that it allows you to run software on your computer that would otherwise be incompatible with Mac OS. This is particularly useful if you enjoy playing videogames, which in the past were often only built for Windows systems.

There are differences between Microsoft applications on Mac and Windows so if you enjoy using the Windows version this can be another advantage of being able to use two operating systems on your Mac. This is one of the best MacBook Pro tips.

There Are So Many Cool Things To Do With A MacBook Pro

If you have just purchased a new MacBook Pro then you are probably wondering about all of the great things you can do with it. It can be easy to be content just learning the basics but there are so many great features that you might not even have heard of.

Be sure to take full advantage of Siri and remember that you can use it to control your computer as well as a conventional mouse and keyboard. Set up Apple Pay and use the fingerprint sensor to pay for goods rather than having to type in your credit or debit card details every time.

Remember that if you get bored of Mac OS you can also install Windows as well by partitioning your hard drive. This can come in handy if you want to use a program that is only compatible with Windows.

If you are interested in learning more about cool things to do with a MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro tips be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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