Windows 7There’s much anticipation for Microsoft’s next operating system release, Windows 7. Enthusiasts are still speculating on the official launch date, and as of writing, there is no official word from Microsoft. Below is a list of new features that enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying, most of which are confirmed in the current pre-release version that is nearly at a “feature-complete” state.

User interface Features

User interface features affect nearly every user.  While it is not the most important part of an OS, user interface features often go a long way towards the impression of an OS, and will likely draw many comparisons to other Microsoft operating systems.  Windows 7 comes with a stylish end-user interface. You can expect icons to respond with quick animated movements, which is done to enhance the user experience. So far, compliments for the speed and ease of use of the user interface have been dominant for the new OS.

The desktop is clearly much cleaner and better organized, and comes with docking options that are similar to the Mac’s OS.  New applications and improvements to existing applications have been added as well. For example, you will find the calculator to be much improved and more powerful. It supports real life conversions and calculations, like weight and length converters.

If you are in the habit of placing sticky notes all over your monitor and work area, you will surely welcome the new stick notes application that comes with the desktop. You can stick as many virtual notes on your desktop, and delete them as you work. Now your workstation will certainly look cleaner and more organized. You are also saving trees by using less paper!

A new version of Windows Media Center will also launch with this release. New gadgets are being integrated into the Media Center and Windows Explorer. Gadgets are standalone applications that sit on the desktop (some are hosted on another server). There are web gadgets, sidebar gadgets, and sideshow gadgets (run on external displays).

System Performance Features

Windows 7 now offers support for virtual hard disks and boasts improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot performance, improved SSD support and performance, and improved kernel performance.  Obviously, performance is a key goal for Windows 7.  With the current pre-release version, even at an unfinished state, it appears that Microsoft is doing extremely well in achieving this goal.  The pre-release version tested is remarkably stable and offers noticeably better performance than Windows XP with the latest hardware.

If you visit the control panel, you will find that many new items are added, including Accelerators, Display Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Recovery, Troubleshooting, and more. Windows Security Center is now known as Windows Solution Center, and it is responsible for maintaining the security of the system.

Unique Features

The touch screen feature is a new and unique feature that enables many interesting touch applications. For instance, you can have a touch app that works exactly like a keyboard. This means you can type an entire document without the use of an additional piece of hardware. You can also use this feature to play the piano or do a painting. The feature is something that has not been previously available in earlier versions of the Microsoft OS.

Other unique features include speech and hand writing recognition. Hand writing recognition technology can help convert human handwriting into digital text.

Developer Features

Developers can look forward to using a new networking API to develop SOAP based web services in native (or machine) code. There are also new features that reduce application install times. Development of installation packages is simplified in the new OS as well.

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  1. I like Microsoft OS, The only problem I got with upgrading is that my old programs won’t work with the new OS, and drivers for my printers.

    With all that I probabely will still upgrade.

  2. Very cool article, but i think is still early for us to describe the true performance of Windows 7, despite the fact that there are lots of lack with the previous version. But i think Microsoft has manage to solve the problem by adding more and more application and improvement on this new version.

  3. Windows 7 is really nice OS i have see that in many search engine but i do not try that yet because i am waiting for the official launch of a full version of it, i do not want to use a trial of that OS because that cost time and maybe i think there some error that are not solve yet that is why i am still waiting for the full version of it, anyway thanks for the info.. I hope this OS is not like the Vista Ultimate that is 64bit and many application are error of it that is a bad thing that i don’t want, i hope it was same of Windows XP SP2 that are compatible of many application.

  4. Great preview of Windows 7. It will be interesting to see how it does once it is released.

  5. Very nice Article, but I still wonder if 7 will be as popular as XP. The Developer feature sounds interesting. I probably wait till I get a new PC till I upgrade to 7 since my current PC only have 1 GB of RAM.

  6. Windows 7 has certainly captured the market. Seeing that users are shifting towards mac and linux microsoft certainly had to come up with something big and it has not only come with a better OS but also this time they have made it quite cheap

  7. Thanks for the above information.As window 7 is the new version of the operating system provided by the microsoft…and the information provided by you on this is really very useful.

  8. its good to use windows 7 in office and home use but will it be good to use in programming software?

  9. I am using Windows 7 for almost a year now and I find it the best OS from Microsoft. Vista was a real disappointment for me, but with 7 a lot of things change. I particularly like the speed and the looks of the new Windows 7.

  10. Recently, I just switch from Windows 7 and I must say that this operating system is really cool! I like its interface plus other features like sticky note which for me is very helpful in work plus its automatic driver installer. Good for people who lost their drivers. 🙂

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