PDF (Portable Document Format), invented in the 1990’s, has been used widely in work and everyday life. In this article, we are going to focus on people whose work involves frequent usage of PDFs and how SwifDoo PDF helps boost efficiency. Since listing all professions would be time-wasting, this passage covers a small proportion for your reference.

Teaching Staff

Teaching staff refer to professional personnel directly engaged in teaching who work with students. Today, technologies used to improve and facilitate learning, can be found anywhere. With the integration of technology into learning, the main purpose is to change how teachers and students glean, access, analyse, present and transmit information.

In the context of Covid-19, students and teachers were constrained at home due to the closure of schools. Remote education seemed to be the only escape, thus generating strong demands for document management techniques, such as PDF.

Ways of delivering the document content without any distortion or messy layout become extremely crucial in this case. Teachers and students need to transfer a large number of files online, for example, teaching materials and assignments. Formats like Microsoft Word may not maintain display integrity over different software operating systems between senders and recipients. Hence, PDF becomes helpful.

With this stable and consistent file format, all concerns about document layout and display can be dispelled. On top of that, with some professional PDF tools, such as Soda PDF, Foxit Phantom PDF, and SwifDoo PDF, one can easily apply annotations and electronic signatures to the PDF documents, and communication becomes much simpler.


We usually think of lawyers as people who wear serious suits and hold folders under their arms. Their desks tend to be cluttered with piles of documents whenever they show up in courts or offices. Thankfully, the rapid development of technology has provided better ways for lawyers to cope with documents, with PDF.

With everything now online, lawyers’ work can switch to paperless mode as well. Digitization enables one to store thousands of PDFs in any portable device, for example, tablets or mobile phones. Its portability allows lawyers to access urgently needed documents.

Furthermore, it is time-consuming and challenging to track down a specific article, when you need to thumb through a stack of papers. However, with SwifDoo PDF, the impressive search function within several clicks means that one can find the needed content in a short time.


Some may feel it is far-fetched to associate PDFs with designers, since designers need to deal with a large quantity of files suffixed by.psd files or .psb files rather than PDF. However, there are times when projects are not printed the way you anticipated. Nobody wants his or her carefully crafted artwork to be presented in a mess, with a wrongly displayed layout and misplaced elements. Therefore, PDF turns out to be helpful.

PDF proves to be the most reliable and precise method to maintain the original format. Generally, designers incline to be sensitive to color differences while PDF can keep color fidelity to the maximum extent possible.

With PDFs, one can be 100% sure that the colors adopted in the PDFs will be printed in line with expectations. In some cases, the size of a document needs to be adjusted to better fit in with the banner. SwifDoo PDF can provide “Crop Page” options so that designers can tailor their own files with suitable size.


International trade plays a vital role in improving living standards, providing more job opportunities, and enabling consumers to enjoy a wide assortment of goods. The key responsibilities for an international trader are to coordinate import and export operations based on all legal requirements and regulations pertinent to the exchange of goods, materials, or products multi nationally.

Prior to PDF, people could only count on traditional ways for transferring files, that is, paper documents. When interacting with overseas partners, traders have to print out a great deal of paper files and wait for the recipient to sign the documents. However, this whole process is full of uncertainty and can result in time wasted and file security issues. International mail delays take place every day and are uncontrollable, and relevant services aren’t predictable. For traders, they cannot afford to take any risk.

Fortunately, PDF is near at hand. SwifDoo PDF can help you with file compression, electronic signature, encryption and decryption, file conversion, to mention but a few. PDF makes file transferring easier, convenient and international traders do not need to worry about mail delay or file security problems. PDF has got your back.


Archivists, also called a record keeper, may be not as “visible” as the above-mentioned professions. That can be simply ascribed to the job category, and archivists tends to work behind the scenes. The most related archivist occupations are librarians, museum curators, and records managers.

An archivist is an information professional whose duty is to collect and assess new materials, organize and describe records, provide reference services, and preserve collections for long-term use. The records kept by archivists can comprise an array of file types, such as forms, letters, diaries, logs, personal documents, government files, sound and/or picture recordings, digital files, or other physical objects. They always keep records that have an enduring value as reliable memories of the past.

Things change over time, and how archivists keep records evolves as well. Though some materials still need to be maintained with handwriting, most archival files have been digitized as technologies stride forward. Adobe made archiving easier than ever before.

Since the appearance of PDF/A, an ISO-standardized variation of the PDF, it saves archivists a tremendous headache. Regardless of what software is used, all necessary information and its related elements within the document are firmly embedded in the file, which creates a safe, accessible, secure environment for file storage in the long run.


To sum up the common features shared by the professions listed above, they all may need to process a substantial amount of documents everyday, and this, to a certain degree, can actively demonstrate which people and professions may need PDF the most. Are you mentioned above? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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