We’re sure we’d all recall the fights we got into over who would turn off the bedroom lights after a long hard day. The simple pleasure of tuning off without turning off is now available without us having to resort to verbal sparring. Just program your smartphone to take care of the lighting for you. It can not only switch lights off but can also dim them, brighten them, change their color and much more that we’d probably never need.

The Internet of things which essentially refers to the inter-connectivity of devices among themselves has spread to mammoth proportions in the last few years.  The infographic here should give you a very good idea of our internet journey through the years and the new connections that we made on the way.

Some of the more surprising revelations:  A refrigerator by LG that connected to the internet in the year 2000. A toaster invented in 1990 which could be controlled through the internet. These during the times when we thought internet was just a word to be bandied about amidst elite gatherings.

The future holds a lot of interesting happenings in the world of the internet. Prepare to be inundated with gadgets that not only communicate among themselves but also with you and help make your life a lot richer.

Irfan Ahmad

Hi, I’m a blogger, social media savvy and graphic designer from Haripur, Pakistan. My favorite food: infographic.

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