The entire team behind Wrike’s project management app has spent the past few years shaping a project scheduling software that helps businesses meet their needs for managing a project online. According to Wrike CEO Andrew Filev, the revenue of the company grew by 120% and is currently home to more than 500 employees and 14,000 businesses thriving on its paid platform. Now that the platform is in its right place, the team is yet again focusing on how it can serve better verticals through even more specialized and customized products. With Wrike for Marketers, the company has recently launched new tools for project management — but built for marketers.

Filev said that they have already achieved some great results in horizontal layers as they have already built a work management solution for almost everybody. Now they are concentrating on a few verticals. He also noted that it was easier to target marketers as more than 40% of the new revenue of the company comes from this vertical. Hence they’re considering doubling down on it.

Wrike’s new product was developed around workflow

It wasn’t very surprising that the product was created around the marketing workflow which involves requests, briefs, reviews, assignments and approvals. The team at Wrike even noticed that a lot of creative work in their marketing agencies is done with Adobe tools like InDesign and Photoshop. In order to help customers use Wrike, they built an extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Wrike combines all images and content into one visual tool for handling change requests and proofing. Users  interested in getting such extra features will have to pay a $10 fee more than the Business plan.  A free trial version of new proofing and approval tools are  now available for paying users.

Wrike launches program to enhance productivity among students

Wrike, being a work management platform for teams with high performance launched a collaboration tool for students, which is a new program that allows university and college students easy access to real-time project management software. The increasing momentum of online essay writing service has been a winning situation for students who have created new learning opportunities. However, this has also created a huge gap in the way in which students work together in bigger projects.

Their questions are, ‘Where do we store all information so that we all can stay on the same page?’ Emails aren’t enough and long-running chats also don’t offer enough organization. This is why through Wrike; students will now get more ability to manage their tasks with the same amount of visibility as the 10,000 business customers of Wrike. It allows students to access the information of their team through the ‘cloud’ from their web browsers as well as mobile devices.

Hence, we see that Wrike had already been very popular among businesses but now with this addition to their cap, they have even become famous among students. Wrike really hopes that more and more students can opt for a better way at work.

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  1. I’ve discovered a ‘poor man’s Wrike’. It’s called Bitrix24. Has essentially the same features (Gantt, time tracking, task roles), but doesn’t cost anything for up to 12 users with unlimited projects.

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