The hackers are using an amazing method to get into the system. No matter how hard you try, they always try to outperform your actions. A slight mistake from your end can result in heavy loss. Let’s say, you are a banker and you have sophisticated information to protect the data. But this will not be as easy as it seems. To protect your sensitive information, you need the proper way to protect your personal computer from the key loggers.

What is a key logger?

The key logger is of two kinds. It can be physical hardware or it can be software that can extract the information in the background. Usually, the hackers infect your PC with such key loggers or malware when you install files from the unreliable sources. Though it will be a complex task at the initial stage if you take a look at the professional user, you will be surprised to see that they are very cautious about such key loggers.

Today we will learn to detect the key loggers and explore some amazing techniques by which we can remove these dangerous applications.

Hardware-based key logger

If you are working in a public environment or your working environment can be accessed by the normal people, you should always check that no is putting a hardware-based key logger. Most of the time, it comes in the form of a small USB dongle that is very hard to notice. If they manage to place it in the USD port in the back of your CPU, the hackers can track all the keystrokes and get the vital information through such Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes can detect applications that can harvest keystrokes and it can create a smooth path for the hackers to get critical information. So, always check for additional hardware that might be hooked to your computer in your absence. If you find such a tool, you should immediately remove it and scan the complete PC for the malware.

Check the background process

At times you might have the odd feeling that your PC is not acting normal. It might slow down when you access sophisticated files or the screen might flicker. Any unusual activity in your PC suggests that files are already infected. Press the ALT+CTRL+ DEL button to access the task manager. From the task manager panel, look for the unknown application. If you find any unknown application chances are very high that unknown application is causing the trouble and sending information to the hackers in the background.

Make sure you disable the unknown application permanently and perform a hard reboot of the computer by pressing down the power button for 10 seconds. Once the rebooting process is completed, check the task manager, and see if any unwanted application is still running. If so, you need to use an antivirus program to clean the malware or spyware.

Update your windows

There is great news for the windows 10 users. The windows 10 users are able to get a free antivirus program known as windows defender. Apart from that the security update in windows 10 is always helping the users to get rid of the bugs. Regularly check for the updates on the computer and it will help you to manage the losses. Never think you know everything about this computer. Installed the updated files and chances are very high that your PC will be much more secured. Through regular updates of the operating system make the system a bit slow you can easily overcome this issue by using the SSD.

Look for unknown adorns

You must check the browsers regularly for unknown add-ons. The spyware comes in the form of add-ons and it gets automatically installed to the system without any prior notice. So, if you want to stay on the safe side, you must not visit the unknown site. But all of us can’t know which sites are safe and which are not. So the best way to keep your browser safe from such spyware is by checking the add-ons. After you check the add-ons regularly, it won’t take much time to know how things work.


The safety of your computer is at your hand. If you want to keep the data safe, make sure you follow these tips mentioned in this article. Never be afraid to test new things and use the updated software.

Jared Bovard

Jared Bovard is an e-commerce software developer and custom Wordpress plugin developer. He occasionally works as a freelance writer, publishing e-commerce and technology articles.

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