Every day more sites appear on the Internet, so it becomes more difficult to keep users’ attention. The longer the visitor stays on the page, the better for the site’s ranking. Website animations help to attract and retain attention. But in everything you need to take into account the measure. Too bright and annoying web animation is more likely to prompt you to close the page, so as not to injure your eyes.

Getting Started with Web Animation

Making web animations, professionals utilize a variety of tools and engineering. The following techniques are most often used:

• CSS animations enable conversions between variant states and apply sets of keyframes. Users work with elements of their web page by assigning appropriate CSS props to those foundation. It simplifies the work by not having to use external libraries. But this method will not permit you to build really sophisticated results and characteristics. JavaScript is also a better choice for designing more than three options of liveliness. This is where information about the best frontend framework 2020 might also come in handy.

• JavaScript has fundamental resuscitation range of operations, but most often they are made using additional libraries. The performance depends on the selected library. But the more complex the animation, the longer the page will load. And this is the anti-trend for the animated website. But you can implement jumps, acceleration and deceleration, stops, and so on for any object.

• The trending web tools of 2020 is canvas. It gives excellent performance when working with multiple objects at the same time. You can create complex pixel projects in a special field.

Working with all of these tools requires the user to have special technical training. If you are a beginner professional, you can find a lot of useful information in the blog of the fireart.studio company. If you need a truly luxurious effect, it is better to personally consult with a specialist or order a service.

Pick the way

Web designers have the ability to turn the page truly unique. A combination of several techniques will permit users to reach an interesting result. Take a look at our list of libraries and plugins that help make the virtual world brighter:

• GreenSock (GSAP) is a famous library with a variety of options. It is good to animate each characteristic particularly. This tool helps to act with CSS, SVG, DOM.

• ScrollMagic is a plugin that control scroll animations. In this way, the animation movements can be glued together with the scroll movements of the mouse wheel.

• VelocityJS is a full-featured JavaScript animation library. This instrument is distinguished by a large number of micro-actions. Here you can set up smooth color transformations, and also glue it to the scroll.

The choice of tools is a matter of habit and your personal working methods. Each tool takes some getting used to. Most libraries provide ready-made animations, templates and attributes for creating a drawing from scratch. In libraries like Vivus, there are also different styles of project design. User may import the finished object into the library environment to modify it. Then the finished animation can be exported to another program.


Remember that the main thing is a good and efficient result. Choose those tools and methods that are more convenient for you to work with. But always try to try something new. And we will talk about interesting news and trends in web design.

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