Today, the need to protect your device from malicious attacks online is important. The anti-virus software installed on your mobile phones or computers goes a long way when it comes to protecting your device and the data.

Whether on your mobile or computer, anti-virus software must have the ability to detect and prevent malware, Trojans, and other types of unwanted web threats.

Avira and Avast are two popular anti-virus choices used by many across the globe to protect their portable device and computers. Both are proven to be effective and reliable, but which brand offers the best features, security, usability, and protection?

Take a look at the features of the two and compare.

Avira vs Avast Features

Both Avira and Avast offer a comprehensive list of security features to protect your device against online threats.

Avast has a built-in network scanner that checks the risks of cyber-attacks. It also features secure DNS to lessen the probability of phishing attempts while the Avast Sandbox is used to securely test other software without messing up your device’s system.

For the premium version, it has encryption and shredding feature that secures your file and automatically and completely deletes sensitive files. Add to that the password manager and VPN protection you will get from Avast Ultimate.

Avira offers impressive features for both free and paid subscriptions. Avira’s system speed up scans, cleans, and removes obsolete and at-risk files. It also has a private network solution, perfect for those devices that are often connected to a public WIFI connection.

Mobile device users both for IOS and Android gets the privacy protection they need through Avira’s Privacy Pal, which blocks potentially dangerous sites, unwanted calls, and tracks your phone when lost or stolen.

Avira vs Avast ease of use

Avira is quick and easy to install. Besides, the interface is clean and simple which showcases 5 categories.  The “Status” button gives you an overview of your protection while the “Scan” button quickly initiates scanning. Each category comes with a description to give you an idea of what the feature does.

Avast takes care of almost all the necessary steps to complete the installation. Just press the “Install” button and Avast will do the rest. Easy and user-friendly, Avast only has 4 categories on the left-hand side. Just hover your mouse or tap each feature for an overview of what it does.

Avira vs Avast Protection

Based on independent security firms’ reviews, Avira scored 5.5 out of 6 for protection during May-June real-world testing.

On the other hand, Avast scored 6 out of 6 during the July-August 2019 protection test. Out of 752 malware samples, Avast blocked 746 out of these samples. Avast got the “advanced” award for protection.

Final Takeaway

Both Avira and Avast offer great features and protection to their users. Choosing which one suits best for your device not only depends on your security, usability, and protection needs.

It is also worth considering if you are planning to use the free or paid version as these will also play a significant role when it comes to features.

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