The startup company Apex Storage has developed an AIC card (add-in-card) for users who are eager to store a very large amount of data on SSD memory.

Apex Storage

The Apex Storage X21 supports 21 8TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs, which gives it a total storage capacity of 168TB. According to Apex Storage, the read speed is 30.5 GB/s, while the write speed is 26.5 GB/s.

Apex Storage

Apex Storage plans to begin delivering the X21 to consumers sometime at the end of the year. The card will cost $2800 without SSD disks. Given that the SSD disks required to fill up the X21 card cost around $1000 each, the final price for this storage solution could be close to $24,000.

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