Statistics from car sale analysis in the US revealed a downward trend in the sale of mid-size sports cars. This sales decline which began in 2017 saw a drop in their sales by 13.9%. The situation isn’t any better in 2018 as sales in the first quarter registered another drop by 11%.

The three US finest mid-size sports cars have not given any indication of new releases in 2018. Car sales of the Chevrolet Camaro, the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang took a nose dive.

With the news of the BMW Z4 release in March 2019, the prospects of a sales U-turn in mid-size sports cars still remains dim albeit promising.

BMW Z4 rolls out production by Magna Steyr

Brace yourself for a BMW Z4 ride in the first quarter of 2019 as the automotive manufacturing firm, Magna Steyr launches its production in Austria. Skeptics project no major comeback in mid-size sports car sales. Only time will tell. Though its manufacturing was anticipated from BMW’s assembly line, Austria’s car based factory comes out as the perfect place for the assemble.

Magna Steyr boasts of robust car resources for the Z4 such as a turbocharged engine. With a 3.0-litre capacity and a B58 inline-six, it’s capable of producing up to 382 horsepower. Its foot pound force stands at 369 lb-ft. These specs are way above the Z4 M40i 2.0-slitre turbocharged engine that has 295 lb-ft and a 255 horsepower.

Developers of this vehicle are now shifting gear to a wider but meaner Z4 to accommodate its drivers. This machine is being developed in the same plant with the Toyota Supra. Tested and tried out in Portugal, the BMW Z4 is not road focused only but has tract and prowess with a sturdy, inch-trimmed wheelbase.

Z4’s dynamics are intriguing. It has an automatic transmission that with no manual gearbox.  This 8-speed automatic gearbox gives it a good lateral grip on the roads. With it, you got the advantage of a 60 mph run in only 4.4 seconds.

The Z4 gives you a sports car experience with a wider rubber track built for solid platforms. Its circuit offers you a versatile range of technical kinks that are tight with medium speed esses. The Z4 also comes with a fabric roof that has an added benefit of a reflective silver thread. This feature gives you protection against solar heat transfer. The cabin is spacious with BMW’s design quality that gives you simplicity and a unique user experience.

The BMW Z4 to launch in March 2019

Drivers and car enthusiasts can’t wait to spin the BMW Z4. Its release date is set for March 2019. With its launch fast approaching, expectations are high at the marketplace. With a drop down in mid-size car sales, the BMW’s launch timelines could be viewed as the perfect timing to turn sales figures of mid-size sports vehicles upwards.

That said, the BMW Z4 turns out to be in a class of its own when compared to earlier released analogue models. Unlike previous hardtop BMWs, it gives you an open rooftop with an advanced hardware that could shift roadster fanatics its way.

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