If you’re looking for a bike that doesn’t take up too much space in your home or your workplace but are still looking for that extra boost that the huge electric mountain bikes are able to give then these folding electric bikes may be just the thing that you are looking for. 

Folding Electric Bikes

This type of electric bikes have smaller wheels and frames, and the best bikes in this category give you a lot of the benefits that you’d get from the regular electric bikes, except now in a more compact package so that storage of the bike is a lot easier. With these, now electrified, folding bikes you’re also able to commute through town a lot easier as you can take it on and off of trains or buses easily. 

These folding electric bikes don’t only have to be used as urban commuters though, and could even be used for cycling leisure or even getting your fitness up. So, without further adieu, here are some of the best folding electric bikes in 2023, for different purposes. 

Best Folding Electric Bike In Rough Terrain

GoCycle G4

GoCycle G4

Price: £3,750


  • Cool Design
  • Amazing ride feel


  • Relatively expensive

The G4 electric folding bike by GoCycles has quite a cool design that has a unique single-sided frame and carbon fork, which doesn’t only have a smart design but also gives you a smooth riding experience on it. 

Thanks to the long wheelbase and relaxed head tube angle that the G4 has, it makes the whole riding experience a lot less twitchy, which you’ll often find is the problem with a lot of small-wheeled folding bikes. Even though this bike has a relatively long wheelbase compared to some other electric folding bikes, it is still able to fold up small and can easily fit into the boot of a small car. 

The GoCycle G4 is equipped with its very own motor system that allows you to easily monitor your speed as well as cadence so that you are able to figure out exactly how much power assistance you may need. If you aren’t interested in getting any help then there is also a button, that is located on the handlebars, which you can use to override this. 

This specific electric folding bike’s motor is a lot nippier than most of the other options out there and is also suited very well for those who are looking to do city riding. However, thanks to the chunky tyres, suspension and traction control that this bike comes equipped with it makes it able to tackle the rougher terrain as well. 

Electric Folding Bike That Has The Best value For Money

MiRider One

MiRider One

Price: £1,595


  • Boost trigger is great
  • Great value for money


  • Single gear is limiting for the stronger riders out there
  • Brakes feel soft

The MiRider One is a compact electric folding bike that has been priced very well and will almost brighten up every rider’s cycle commute. 

The design of the MiRider One gives you a quick fold at the central hinge, which does make the bike look a little funny but it is functional and gives you a fun rider. The bikes also come with a few useful features such as the skate wheel, which makes it a lot easier to push the weight of the bike around when it is folded up. 

There are quite a few riders that may find that the single gear that this bike comes equipped with to be quite limiting, but the MiRider One does also come with its ‘boost’ trigger that actually provides quite a useful amount of added assistance when you may need it. With these awesome features, as well as its strong cable disc brakes, it makes this bike a great choice, that comes at a great price, for a lot of people. 

Best Commuting Folding Electric Bike

MiRider One GB3

MiRider One GB3

Price: £2,495


  • Great control screen
  • Easy to fold


  • No standard rear light

The MiRider One GB3 is one of the most popular electric folding bikes for short-distance commutes. This is because of the bikes awesome design, which has been refined and some of the specs have been improved for the GB3 bike specifically. Although the price has gone up from the previous version, it is still a lot more affordable than Brompton’s base-model electric, which is the C line and will set you back £2,995.

The MiRider One GB3 has been built with a magnesium alloy frame, which also houses an air-filled shock absorber that gives you an added level of comfort as well as just enough adjustability so that short and tall riders are able to fit on the same bike. 

Not only is this bike super fun to ride and also feels quite stable, even at high speeds, it is very manoeuvrable as well thanks to its short wheelbase and small wheels. This awesome frame is also easy to fold up and store in places regular bikes would never be able to fit into. 

So, if you are looking for a bike to use in urban areas and rides that will incorporate any sort of public transport, the latest edition to the MiRider family is one of the best folding electric bikes around. 

Final Words

So, there you have some of the best electric folding bikes around and hopefully one of the bikes on this list managed to catch your eye. If not, then hopefully it has given you a clearer idea of exactly what sort of electric folding bike you are actually looking for and will make your commuting life a lot more enjoyable and efficient. 

Leo Beamers is an aspiring car collector born and raised just outside of the city in Cape Town and his interests include gaming, fast cars and enjoys cycling on the weekends.

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