If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a while now, you know very well that it already comes with different formats so that users will get to access their accounts any time of the day and through different kinds of medium. To date, the app can be used through the user’s mobile, tablet, and PC.

While the WhatsApp mobile app remains the most commonly used format for this messaging platform, a lot of users have already enjoyed the PC version for it–WhatsApp Web.

How similar and different is this format from the original version? Also, can you access more than one accounts using WhatsApp Web? Let’s find out what this version can do.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

Mainly, users can quickly receive and send out messages in the comfort of their PCs. While there is a dedicated desktop application for the messaging program, you can access your account through your browser. Through signing in using a QR code, you can immediately carry on any messages you started in your phone.

How can you connect your account, you say? It’s simple.

You first have to open up WhatsApp on your phone. Then you can tap the “Menu” button on the upper right portion of the application and then choose the “Settings” button. After selecting the WhatsApp Web option, you have to point your screen to capture the QR code given to you.

WhatsApp Web

And just like that, you’re set to send and receive messages from your friends and family!

However, WhatsApp Web is more than just a send-and-receive-messages kind of feature. It has some other tips and tricks that users can enjoy.

For example, you can communicate through emojis even with your PC’s keyboard. With the WhatsApp Web textbox, type in a colon by pressing Shift plus the ;/: Key followed by the first two letters of the emoji you have in mind.

WhatsApp Web

Not only that, you can add in a WAToolkit Extension that will allow you to preview messages when you don’t have your WhatsApp Web screen active. Besides that, Chrome also allows an extension called Zapp that lets you adjust the volume or length of the voice messages you’ll send.

Most of all, there’s a trick that allows users to sign in to multiple accounts at once. So, to answer your big question? Yes. You most certainly could!

Signing Multiple Accounts at Once

How to use WhatsApp Web

If for some reason you have more than one WhatsApp accounts that are active, you can use a little trick that lets you in on all of them.

WhatsApp doesn’t usually allow users to have two accounts logged in at once. However, you can send and receive from your contacts from both accounts with just a simple trick.

First, you can try to sign in your other account with an Incognito tab or an entirely different browser like Opera and Firefox. With that tab or window, log in to WhatsApp web the same way you log in to your other one then you’re good to go!

Second, you can stick to one browser without using an incognito window by opening a new tab and visiting dyn.web.whatsapp.com. It is a proxy site that only allows two accounts at once and still has some malfunction issues.

The Bottom Line

How to use WhatsApp Web

However you want to sign in and no matter much you want to use this messaging app on your PC, one thing is for sure: WhatsApp Web is here to stay. So if you’re looking for ways to access the program other than your mobile device, you now know what to do!

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