The Whatsapp web is a feature of Whatsapp that is designed to allow people to use Whatsapp from your desktop or laptop. It allows you to use the app within your web browser. The Whatsapp Web makes it convenient for people who can easily access and type fast. In order to use the Whatsapp Web, you need to scan the QR code that is generated on the Whatsapp mobile app.

There are some things that you need to know about the Whatsapp Web including:

  • It only works on Google Chrome so those of you who use Internet Explorer or other browsers will need to also download Google Chrome in order to the Whatsapp web.
  • You also need to have the latest version of Whatsapp, so if you are using an older version you need to update before adding the Whatsapp web to your features.
  • You have to be an existing user with an active account in order to the Whatsapp web.
  • It basically only works with Whatsapp that is installed on Android, BlackBerry, Window Phone and a couple of Nokia phones.
  • It is secure to use.
  • You still need to have your handset (phone) connected with the Net in order to use this feature.
  • While you can send photos videos are not yet supported.
  • Not all WhatsApp features are available on the Whatsapp Web

Despite its limitations, there are some real advantages for users who can overcome the limitations and are able to access the Whatsapp Web. These advantages include:

  • A larger keyboard, which is a real advantage to those people who get tired of trying to send messages using those keys on their smartphones. In most cases, larger keys result in faster typing and less waiting when chatting with friends or family.
  • Allows for a bigger display when chatting face to face. A larger display simply means that you can see more and see easier making communicating far more enjoyable.
  • Can remotely log out from your browser
  • Don’t have to download any new apps to use the Whatsapp web since you simply use the code that is your WhatsApp app.
  • You can directly download files to your PC making transferring files from those on your WhatsApp network simple and easy.

So the Whatapp Web is not the greatest invention sliced bread, It is simply a useful feature that those who enjoy using their personal computer or laptop to easily use the Whatsapp App. The only real disadvantage to the WhatsApp Web is the fact that you have to keep your phone connected to the Internet the entire time you using the feature.

Do keep in mind the Whatsapp Web is part of the official Whatsapp App and not some modified version of the app. This means that in order to use this feature you need to the official app, which means that you rest assured that feature is as secure as the rest of the App.

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