The question that most Android, iOS, Windows Mobile device users are asking these days usually revolve around the legality of downloading GBWhatsApp. This has become a viral issue among mobile users, since everyone is aware of the legal consequences of using illegal apps on the mobile device.

Features Of GBWhatsApp?

  • It has an auto-reply feature, allowing users to automatically reply to messages
  • Has the all new Android Oreo Emojis
  • Has a DND mode or one that will help users to disable the connection to the Internet
  • Add some effects to videos or image before sending them
  • Allows calling to unknown numbers
  • Capable of sending up to 100 files at once
  • Provides the ability to hide the blue ticks, second ticks, last seen, and so on
  • Select groups in which you would want to enable the features for auto media download

 Why Is GBWhatsApp Illegal?

Download GBWhatsApp latest

  • It is a MOD or modified version of WhatsApp
  • It has tweaked the functions of the original app in terms of messaging
  • Developed based from the original app from which the developers of the owning company didn’t release the source code for third-parties to develop apps using it
  • GBWhatsApp has become more popular today because its developers were able to attend to the demands of many of its users
  • It provides more functions, such as customizing the interface, controlling privacy, or even using more than one account at the same device without changing the SIM card
  • It can’t be downloaded from the official app repositories like the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store
Download GBWhatsApp latest

Although GBWhatsApp has become a popular app nowadays, it doesn’t mean that everyone is allowed to use it. Well, perhaps nobody has been caught yet so that’s why it is still available for download. For the meantime, anyone can enjoy the cool features of this app, but perhaps until it will be banned by WhatsApp from future downloads or updates.

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