Many people have been confused as to why VidMate HD was a fake since Microsoft Store has offered it for free download. Well, basically, you can see a link that forwards you to the location of the app called VidMate HD.

Downloading VidMate HD From Microsoft

You can check this out by following the steps presented here.

  • Go to this link, which is the official site of Microsoft offering free download for the VidMate HD app.
  • After arriving to the site, you can notice that there is a description of the file or app you are trying to download.
  • A menu of available apps that you can download from your PC can be seen below. If you click the Description tab, you will have a short description of the app called VidMate and its main functions, including the ability to download songs and videos from YouTube.
VidMate HD
  • You can also check out the System Requirements tab wherein you can read the minimum as well as the recommended requirements for your computer before downloading and using VidMate.
  • A blue tab can be seen at the right corner of the app named VidMate Videos.

If you click this, you will be redirected to a website that seems to be from Microsoft that will require you to enter your email address. This is intended so that you can log in to your Microsoft account in which the app will be available after the confirmation.

  • After filling up the required fields, an email will be sent to the address you have provided. You will be able to confirm the account by entering the code sent to your email address.
  • When you have finished downloading the app, you can notice that you are now the owner of the app VidMate HD.

Authentic For Microsoft Mobile Device Users

VidMate HD download

As you can notice, the app you are trying to download is not actually an app. However, it is not a fake either because it is no less from the website of Microsoft. The only thing that will confuse users is that it only provides the link and a few apps that are available for free if you are using the PC version. You can also notice this if you are doing this on an Android mobile device.

Use The App Responsibly

Vidmate APK

Therefore, you simply have to use a mobile version of Microsoft to be able to access what the app can provide. If you are going to use the app for downloading YouTube videos, then you should be in luck. The only thing that might get in the way is that you might be subject for video piracy if you are going to use it for personal gain.

Downloading apps can be a good way to learn more that you can use for your own advantage. However, if you are going to commit an act that is against the law, then you might want to think twice before downloading VidMate. You still can use it though but perhaps for educational purposes only.

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